Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 24, February 04, 2012

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Free/Open Source Project of the Week

The Free/Open Source Project of the Week is Cryptosphere.

"The Cryptosphere is a global peer-to-peer cryptosystem for publishing and securely distributing content anonymously with no central point of failure. The system is openly federated and anyone can join. To ensure quality service and prevent abuse, the Cryptosphere uses an integrated cryptographically secure reputation system which provides a distributed web of trust." [1]

Cryptosphere, Tahoe-LAFS and Freenet share similar goals. Cryptosphere's creator cites Tahoe-LAFS has a source of inspiration for Cryptosphere's design. Cryptosphere hopes to strike a balance between Freenet and MojoNation.

From the tahoe-dev Mailing List

Tahoe-LAFS on Drobo FS

Mogwa posted to the list regarding Tahoe-LAFS on Drobo FS. Tahoe-LAFS runs on other embedded devices such a SS4000-E NAS box running under Debian Squeeze and PogoPlug.

Patches Needing Review of the Week

There is one (1) ticket still needing review for 1.9.2:

There are five (5) tickets still needing review for 1.10:

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