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Welcome to Allmydata "Tahoe"

The Allmydata "Tahoe" project is a secure, distributed, fault-tolerant storage grid, available under a free-software licence.

You can store files in the grid and retrieve them with a cryptographically generated URI that securely identifies and decrypts that file. You can also organize files with filenames and directories, in the familiar style. The basic idea is that the data in this storage grid is spread over all participating nodes, using an algorithm that can recover the data even if a majority of the nodes are no longer available.

The code is currently functional. It is targeted at hackers who are willing to use a minimal, text-oriented web user interface.

Get Started

The README file tells how to acquire and build the source code, how to run a node than can upload and download files, and how to set up your own private grid. Information how to connect to the public test grid operated by Allmydata, Inc. can be found on the TestGrid page.

The DownloadDebianPackages page tells how to get prebuilt packages for a Debian-like system (including Ubuntu). contains source tarballs. The current release is 0.6 .

Get Involved

The tahoe-dev mailing list is the community forum for discussion of Tahoe design, implementation, and usage.

The Dev page is the place to start hacking on Tahoe. It has development tools (such as code coverage and patch browsing) and documentation.

Latest News

2007-08-23 -- Allmydata Tahoe v0.5.1 released!

This fixes a security flaw in Tahoe v0.5.0.

Please see the Release Notes.

other current news

The News page has other current news, blogs, etc.


See the Doc page for explanation of how Tahoe works.


As per the COPYING file, Tahoe is offered under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later), with the added permission that, if you become obligated to release a derived work under this licence (as per section 2.b), you may delay the fulfillment of this obligation for up to 12 months. If you are obligated to release code under section 2.b of this licence, such code must be released under these same terms including the 12-month grace period clause.

See TracStartingPoints for how to use this bug tracker/source code browser/wiki.

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