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598 2023-11-08T17:32:59Z shapr First news update in TWO YEARS!
597 2022-12-06T18:44:23Z exarkun Link to the channel via Matrix
596 2022-10-25T12:30:04Z exarkun assign purpose
595 2022-10-25T12:29:06Z exarkun mention the weekly meeting
594 2022-01-07T18:08:30Z meejah
593 2021-12-06T19:09:22Z meejah
592 2021-12-06T19:08:57Z meejah 1.17.0
591 2021-10-21T17:22:55Z meejah
590 2021-09-01T00:26:12Z sajith update link to tahoe-dev mailing list
589 2021-08-01T17:38:51Z sajith update link to installation instructions
588 2021-07-31T10:12:37Z exarkun
587 2021-05-26T19:34:32Z meejah
586 2021-05-12T14:12:56Z exarkun remove outdated travis-ci and coveralls links
585 2021-04-13T17:28:39Z exarkun Remove announcement list
584 2021-03-30T19:08:17Z meejah
583 2021-03-20T01:44:24Z exarkun fix date
582 2020-10-27T15:46:19Z exarkun announce 1.15.0rc0
581 2020-06-30T13:24:21Z exarkun
580 2020-02-21T14:41:17Z exarkun updated information about getting involved
579 2020-02-07T18:34:29Z exarkun
578 2020-02-07T18:34:04Z exarkun
577 2020-01-10T16:49:36Z exarkun Fix the python-list link, it broke, joy
576 2019-09-24T17:02:41Z exarkun link the call for python 3 porting help
575 2019-07-29T12:20:27Z exarkun add news about call for testing
574 2019-04-01T12:38:15Z exarkun link to Aspiration announcement in news
573 2018-08-24T05:53:44Z vu3rdd date
572 2018-08-24T05:52:53Z vu3rdd update the news to reflect 1.13.0 release
571 2018-08-24T05:50:58Z vu3rdd
570 2017-01-19T01:28:20Z warner release 1.12.1
569 2016-12-18T01:02:52Z warner add link to Summit2016
568 2016-12-18T01:00:59Z warner release 1.12.0
567 2016-03-31T00:00:55Z warner announce 1.11.0 release
566 2016-03-30T09:48:23Z warner link to install docs, note they're on
565 2016-03-30T09:45:43Z warner point at
564 2015-07-31T02:58:26Z warner announce 1.10.2 release
563 2015-06-16T19:10:13Z warner oops, make "donate block" a real comment
562 2015-06-16T01:07:31Z warner reformat HTML a bit, add comments, shouldn't affect rendered output
561 2015-06-16T01:03:31Z warner annnounce 1.10.1 release
560 2015-04-10T15:42:03Z zooko add news about usability
559 2015-01-27T20:04:40Z warner fetch images from ~trac, not /trac/chrome
558 2014-12-01T21:34:26Z daira tweak opening para
557 2014-12-01T18:06:18Z daira hyphenate Least-Authority in News entry
556 2014-12-01T17:56:19Z daira news for Least Authority File Store rename
555 2014-12-01T17:53:57Z daira File System -> File Store
554 2014-09-09T17:43:19Z daira change Travis badge to png
553 2014-09-01T14:37:44Z daira Add build and coverage status
552 2014-07-10T05:42:24Z zooko HOPE-X
551 2014-07-10T05:32:51Z zooko bye bye RTN
550 2014-07-10T05:32:21Z zooko deprecate New News
549 2014-06-20T14:25:26Z zooko announce summit
548 2014-06-05T22:53:10Z zooko LeastAuthority? S4 upgrade
547 2014-06-05T18:55:29Z warner add Reset The Net logo/link
546 2014-05-20T22:48:46Z zooko link to Linux Pro Magazine article
545 2014-04-15T15:41:07Z zooko remove rentanode announce from front page -- they closed up shop
544 2014-02-02T18:43:04Z daira Spam filtering enabled
543 2013-11-08T22:42:49Z zooko fix missing link
542 2013-11-08T00:21:55Z zooko add announce
541 2013-11-01T03:13:25Z zooko announce Summit
540 2013-10-30T01:49:36Z zooko link to EFF blog post
539 2013-10-14T19:50:11Z zooko add InfoWorld? story, remove oldest news item
538 2013-10-04T12:38:28Z zooko New Republic press coverage
537 2013-09-27T05:15:21Z zooko announce gnu30, move jz's talk to News page
536 2013-08-15T21:19:25Z zooko announce S4
535 2013-08-08T21:06:44Z zooko use server-relative links instead of absolute
534 2013-07-30T16:55:37Z zooko "sponsored by" LeastAuthority?.com on account of the code we contribute
533 2013-07-29T00:04:35Z zooko havenco commercial service news
532 2013-07-23T18:48:45Z zooko add link to Holger Krekel's talk
531 2013-07-05T17:05:47Z zooko add news about Mark's GSoC project
530 2013-07-05T17:01:27Z zooko add GSoC 2013
529 2013-07-05T15:40:23Z zooko add News about SNIA SDC presentation
528 2013-07-05T15:37:38Z zooko retire another news item to wiki:News
527 2013-07-04T17:17:37Z zooko remove a couple of bits of old news
526 2013-06-09T07:14:01Z zooko less wordiness
525 2013-05-01T21:01:06Z warner update URL of 1.10 release announcement
524 2013-05-01T20:33:01Z daira formatting
523 2013-05-01T20:32:19Z daira remove old quickstart link
522 2013-05-01T17:51:07Z warner release 1.10.0, still need to link to the release email
521 2013-04-28T18:26:33Z warner mention 1.10rc2
520 2013-04-27T01:09:32Z warner point quickstart at 1.9.2 version until the 1.10 release
519 2013-04-17T17:22:17Z elb Fix documentation links to point to git
518 2013-03-18T03:56:08Z marlowe
517 2013-03-03T13:51:58Z marlowe
516 2013-03-01T03:03:46Z davidsarah wording of intro
515 2013-01-29T17:00:06Z zooko Hack Tahoe-LAFS! ref #1020
514 2012-10-30T15:23:33Z jg71
513 2012-10-22T10:57:50Z jg71
512 2012-10-20T11:00:32Z jg71
511 2012-10-08T15:27:45Z secorp updating my email address since isn't pointing to the …
510 2012-10-01T18:51:55Z zooko fix URL to LAFS.svg
509 2012-10-01T18:47:25Z zooko fix link to LAFS.svg
508 2012-09-10T23:09:29Z marlowe
507 2012-09-06T19:12:14Z nejucomo Suggest viewers watch all of Zittrain's "The End of Crypto", and leave …
506 2012-09-04T19:08:02Z warner add Zittrain's keynote
505 2012-09-04T17:43:28Z zooko edit texts to be more active-voice
504 2012-09-03T08:04:53Z marlowe
503 2012-08-23T15:36:10Z zooko move older news to the News page
502 2012-07-17T01:45:25Z marlowe
501 2012-07-03T20:32:55Z davidsarah released 1.9.2
500 2012-07-03T19:09:56Z davidsarah 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2
499 2012-07-03T02:23:48Z marlowe
498 2012-06-25T23:20:17Z marlowe
497 2012-06-11T12:38:25Z marlowe
496 2012-06-11T12:36:31Z marlowe
495 2012-05-31T16:39:48Z secorp Changed target of Paypal donation from Allmydata to Peter Secor …
494 2012-05-28T13:54:18Z marlowe
493 2012-05-25T21:38:41Z warner trim to just two TWNs again
492 2012-05-21T14:49:41Z jg71 fix publising date for TWN #31
491 2012-05-19T17:56:16Z marlowe
490 2012-05-16T18:13:54Z warner prune old TWN
489 2012-05-12T15:13:15Z marlowe
488 2012-05-05T17:21:12Z marlowe
487 2012-04-30T01:45:50Z davidsarah fix Dev link
486 2012-04-28T12:17:10Z marlowe
485 2012-04-21T23:03:27Z marlowe
484 2012-04-19T21:22:22Z zooko fix broken link to Dev page
483 2012-04-18T20:23:45Z zooko tiny ds
482 2012-04-18T20:18:05Z zooko slightly less tiny kevan
481 2012-04-18T20:15:01Z zooko tiny tiny kevan
480 2012-04-18T20:09:53Z zooko static hosting for remaining images
479 2012-04-18T20:05:48Z zooko static nginx host secorp pic
478 2012-04-18T20:04:49Z zooko static nginx host mm pic
477 2012-04-18T20:02:46Z zooko static file nginx atlas logo
476 2012-04-18T20:01:12Z zooko static nginx pic francois
475 2012-04-18T19:59:57Z zooko hosted static freestorm pic nginx
474 2012-04-18T19:56:51Z zooko local hosted nginx static kevan pic
473 2012-04-18T19:54:38Z zooko host paypal image in local static nginx dir
472 2012-04-18T19:49:36Z zooko marlowe's pic from the nginx static dir
471 2012-04-18T17:23:55Z zooko relativize url
470 2012-04-17T21:27:42Z lebek add download button
469 2012-04-17T20:10:41Z zooko typo
468 2012-04-17T20:09:55Z zooko Dev Page
467 2012-04-17T19:47:05Z zooko default package zip (which works on all supported platforms) not tar …
466 2012-04-17T19:46:22Z zooko just one way to download
465 2012-04-14T15:26:56Z marlowe
464 2012-04-10T19:02:20Z warner trim to just two TWNs
463 2012-04-08T03:15:03Z davidsarah update David-Srah's photo
462 2012-04-07T14:11:55Z marlowe
461 2012-03-31T01:14:17Z davidsarah
460 2012-03-30T04:12:23Z davidsarah Hack Fest
459 2012-03-30T04:10:57Z davidsarah Hack Fest
458 2012-03-13T00:54:48Z warner remove old news
457 2012-02-04T17:26:59Z marlowe
456 2012-01-28T04:58:10Z marlowe
455 2012-01-28T04:56:30Z marlowe
454 2012-01-28T04:56:03Z marlowe
453 2012-01-23T17:02:09Z zooko make all links to self be server-relative
452 2012-01-21T21:36:53Z marlowe
451 2012-01-14T19:12:08Z marlowe
450 2012-01-14T19:09:58Z marlowe
449 2012-01-13T06:31:41Z warner add direct link to 1.9.1 tarball
448 2012-01-12T23:46:06Z warner link to 1.9.1 release announcement
447 2012-01-12T23:28:24Z warner announce v1.9.1
446 2012-01-11T20:51:59Z zooko front page news: vuln
445 2012-01-07T16:05:03Z marlowe
444 2011-12-14T00:09:13Z marlowe
443 2011-11-30T00:58:13Z marlowe
442 2011-11-24T12:00:20Z marlowe
441 2011-11-01T05:00:32Z zooko new old new news about new server
440 2011-10-31T06:30:39Z warner
439 2011-10-31T06:27:25Z warner release 1.9.0
438 2011-10-31T06:08:39Z zooko remove some old news (will be added to News in a minute)
437 2011-10-29T21:01:48Z warner fix bitcoin.png link
436 2011-10-28T21:16:16Z zooko try ../../bitcoin.png
435 2011-10-28T21:15:16Z zooko try .. rel link to bitcoin.png
434 2011-10-28T21:13:35Z zooko see what happens for relative link to "bitcoin.png"
433 2011-10-25T22:53:02Z marlowe
432 2011-10-16T23:54:09Z marlowe
431 2011-10-13T20:12:58Z zooko fix capitalization typo
430 2011-10-12T15:28:33Z zooko s/Tahoe/Tahoe-LAFS/ and s/TWN/Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News/
429 2011-10-10T23:35:11Z marlowe
428 2011-10-10T20:44:44Z marlowe
427 2011-10-03T17:20:38Z zooko Summit's last day is the 11th
426 2011-09-29T06:10:13Z zooko 2nd Summit on News
425 2011-09-27T04:04:28Z bobobo1618 Fixed typo in quickstart link.
424 2011-09-26T21:11:43Z zooko "Least-Authority" instead of "Least Authority"
423 2011-09-14T07:04:18Z zooko add NEWS about v1.8.3
422 2011-09-14T04:20:32Z zooko remove link to lafs.pdf which is also linked from deeper in, and which …
421 2011-09-14T04:18:11Z zooko
420 2011-09-14T04:16:01Z zooko trim off some old news
419 2011-09-13T23:36:29Z davidsarah point to latest trunk version of quickstart.rst
418 2011-09-07T14:19:51Z marlowe
417 2011-09-07T14:18:58Z marlowe
416 2011-08-31T01:32:52Z marlowe
415 2011-08-29T20:47:12Z davidsarah get rid of "Try Tahoe-LAFS on the web" link
414 2011-08-26T17:40:48Z warner add 1.9.0alpha1 to NEWS
413 2011-08-15T00:14:37Z marlowe
412 2011-08-07T19:28:57Z marlowe
411 2011-07-29T15:20:36Z davidsarah temporarily link to previous version of quickstart, because the 1.8.2 …
410 2011-07-24T19:56:00Z drewp pubgrid news
409 2011-07-22T19:52:26Z msimoni added link to lafs.pdf
408 2011-07-08T18:59:31Z nejucomo Remove the Summit from the "Getting Involved" section.
407 2011-06-26T15:06:16Z zooko make the whole face bar be a hyperlink to AboutUs
406 2011-06-26T04:40:53Z zooko add marlowe
405 2011-06-24T18:19:22Z nejucomo Make the first mention of the Summit a link to the page.
404 2011-06-21T16:19:07Z zooko move Summit announcement to News from Get Involved (hopefully more …
403 2011-06-19T13:01:41Z zooko link to wiki instead of mailing list for TWN
402 2011-06-17T21:39:26Z nejucomo Add an announcement and link to the Summit page.
401 2011-06-13T11:30:42Z freestorm revert changes made to test gzb2 irc bot
400 2011-06-13T11:24:53Z freestorm test
399 2011-06-07T02:38:28Z zooko add tahoe-lafs-weekly-news
398 2011-05-12T05:15:28Z zooko relative links don't always work because front page can have different …
397 2011-05-12T03:06:17Z zooko relative link to about and quickstart rst's in source browser
396 2011-05-12T02:59:08Z zooko html -> rst
395 2011-02-24T03:12:47Z davidsarah make "Try Tahoe-LAFS on the web!" point to the TestGrid wiki page …
394 2011-01-31T07:49:45Z warner announce v1.8.2
393 2010-12-27T17:18:58Z arch_o_median
392 2010-12-27T17:17:17Z arch_o_median
391 2010-12-27T17:15:14Z arch_o_median
390 2010-12-27T17:14:29Z arch_o_median
389 2010-12-27T17:10:12Z arch_o_median
388 2010-12-27T17:09:45Z arch_o_median
387 2010-12-27T17:09:13Z arch_o_median
386 2010-12-27T17:08:43Z arch_o_median
385 2010-12-27T17:06:53Z arch_o_median
384 2010-12-27T17:03:14Z arch_o_median
383 2010-12-27T17:00:56Z arch_o_median
382 2010-12-27T16:59:09Z arch_o_median
381 2010-12-27T16:46:33Z arch_o_median
380 2010-12-27T16:45:54Z arch_o_median
379 2010-12-27T16:42:38Z arch_o_median
378 2010-12-27T16:40:08Z arch_o_median
377 2010-12-27T16:37:11Z arch_o_median
376 2010-12-27T16:36:09Z arch_o_median
375 2010-12-27T16:34:17Z arch_o_median
374 2010-12-27T16:21:17Z arch_o_median
373 2010-12-27T16:20:20Z arch_o_median
372 2010-12-27T16:19:17Z arch_o_median
371 2010-12-27T16:16:36Z arch_o_median
370 2010-12-27T16:14:22Z arch_o_median
369 2010-12-27T16:13:11Z arch_o_median
368 2010-12-27T16:05:21Z arch_o_median
367 2010-12-27T16:03:12Z arch_o_median
366 2010-12-27T15:59:13Z arch_o_median
365 2010-12-27T15:58:28Z arch_o_median
364 2010-12-27T15:55:06Z arch_o_median
363 2010-12-27T15:44:07Z arch_o_median
362 2010-12-27T15:42:28Z arch_o_median
361 2010-12-25T21:13:31Z arch_o_median
360 2010-12-25T21:10:08Z arch_o_median
359 2010-12-25T21:07:12Z arch_o_median
358 2010-12-25T21:02:36Z arch_o_median
357 2010-12-15T04:35:20Z secorp Adding link to EFF post
356 2010-11-30T01:52:36Z davidsarah stop the intro paragraph from bumping into the right-hand column
355 2010-11-28T22:41:02Z davidsarah v1.8.1 released
354 2010-11-04T14:10:38Z zooko add 1.8.1rc
353 2010-10-17T22:04:55Z zooko move news page link to be close to news
352 2010-10-15T20:49:46Z secorp added line about git checkout, reformatted another bullet point to …
351 2010-10-02T01:43:04Z davidsarah add whitespace between payment options
350 2010-10-01T07:09:16Z stott updated table for payments section -- Justin Stottlemyer
349 2010-10-01T06:25:29Z zooko bitcoin icon
348 2010-09-29T04:48:40Z zooko undo formatting change that broke layout
347 2010-09-29T04:47:21Z zooko front page edits -- label the topo diagram, put it into "docs", make …
346 2010-09-27T13:46:26Z zooko try moving the (now much shorter) news to the top
345 2010-09-27T13:21:46Z zooko formatting
344 2010-09-27T13:21:11Z zooko edit
343 2010-09-27T05:09:08Z secorp removing 1.8.0c4 release candidate annoucement as redundant
342 2010-09-24T17:29:04Z secorp Adding 1.8.0 release to news feed
341 2010-09-23T05:14:16Z secorp Changing hyperlink format slightly to rogues gallery
340 2010-09-23T05:11:34Z secorp adding Kevan to the rogues gallery
339 2010-09-13T07:27:07Z secorp added Atlas Networks collateral image plus small format changes
338 2010-09-13T07:19:44Z secorp added Atlas Networks to list of sponsors for their dedicated servers
337 2010-09-13T01:03:17Z terrell bump the news for 1.8.0c4 release
336 2010-08-23T04:55:30Z zooko work-around bug in trac by using full hyperlink
335 2010-08-22T00:04:15Z secorp A couple more formatting changes in preparation for the front page overhaul
334 2010-08-21T23:47:49Z secorp Some small formatting changes and tests to prepare for front page overhaul
333 2010-08-21T09:13:41Z zooko fix link to BitCoin? page by using the full URL (there appears to be a …
332 2010-08-21T03:49:57Z secorp added link to BitCoin?
331 2010-08-18T04:14:36Z zooko link to RSA slides
330 2010-08-13T20:57:29Z secorp added flattr button for donations
329 2010-08-13T20:37:06Z secorp fixed Paypal donation button
328 2010-08-13T01:59:06Z terrell fix links to use full paths - didn't work from front page
327 2010-08-12T22:47:20Z secorp Added the About us link
326 2010-08-10T09:14:16Z davidsarah released 1.8.0c2
325 2010-08-07T04:59:15Z davidsarah released 1.8.0c1
324 2010-08-04T01:33:21Z davidsarah correct 1.8beta release date to 2010-08-03
323 2010-08-03T22:05:30Z davidsarah released 1.8.0beta
322 2010-08-03T21:28:42Z secorp removing donate link until fixed or changed
321 2010-07-20T17:54:13Z warner add RSA
320 2010-07-19T16:06:55Z zooko remove old news
319 2010-07-19T14:48:50Z zooko fix date of 1.7.1
318 2010-07-19T14:48:32Z zooko announce 1.7.1 on front page
317 2010-07-19T14:37:20Z zooko remove a few things -- front page space is prime real estate. Sorry.
316 2010-07-01T14:36:59Z terrell removed defunct link to
315 2010-06-19T06:57:02Z zooko Kraków
314 2010-06-19T06:41:51Z zooko CONfidence 2010 is in the past
313 2010-06-19T06:39:07Z zooko remove all news older than 2010
312 2010-06-19T06:35:12Z zooko 1.7.0 release on front page
311 2010-06-11T20:52:18Z davidsarah link to release announcement
310 2010-06-11T20:49:57Z davidsarah fix v1.7β release announcement
309 2010-06-11T20:49:25Z davidsarah add v1.7β release announcement
308 2010-06-09T17:01:54Z davidsarah link to the same pubgrid directory as on the TestGrid page
307 2010-06-09T17:00:39Z davidsarah change test grid link to pubgrid
306 2010-05-27T22:02:05Z zooko remove CONfidence-grid link
305 2010-05-25T17:30:05Z zooko update datestamp
304 2010-05-25T17:28:59Z zooko link to CONfidence page
303 2010-05-24T18:54:27Z freestorm
302 2010-05-23T21:39:40Z zooko CONfidence 2010
301 2010-05-14T06:23:05Z zooko new domain name
300 2010-05-04T09:24:29Z zooko typo
299 2010-04-27T16:31:16Z zooko no installing!
298 2010-04-26T21:36:27Z zooko new GSoC announcement
297 2010-04-24T16:44:25Z francois Spam
296 2010-04-24T13:05:12Z mike3050
295 2010-04-24T13:04:53Z mike3050
294 2010-03-21T15:49:59Z secorp changing link to image to point to external server while testgrid is moved
293 2010-03-20T04:41:27Z zooko edit
292 2010-03-20T04:38:42Z zooko new blurb
291 2010-03-20T04:34:50Z zooko edit blurb
290 2010-03-19T04:56:00Z zooko remove security note from front page (we need fewer things on the …
289 2010-03-19T04:53:59Z zooko add GSoC to News front page
288 2010-02-28T07:16:57Z davidsarah announce 1.6.1
287 2010-02-14T19:49:34Z zooko add Boing Boing
286 2010-02-13T02:22:37Z zooko tahoe-lafs! tahoe-lafs! tahoe-lafs!
285 2010-02-11T23:29:28Z secorp Updating the total amount of donation money
284 2010-02-11T05:21:33Z secorp added link to Russian blog
283 2010-02-11T00:58:01Z secorp adding current balance to the page in the hope that it might encourage …
282 2010-02-11T00:50:44Z secorp adding link to Italian writeup of Tahoe-LAFS
281 2010-02-11T00:22:41Z secorp adding link to Reddit discussion
280 2010-02-09T22:50:41Z secorp adding news item for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx
279 2010-02-06T19:07:50Z zooko trim out some of the less interesting news stories
278 2010-02-06T19:06:50Z zooko edits
277 2010-02-06T19:03:30Z zooko edit
276 2010-02-02T23:28:59Z zooko minor edit
275 2010-02-02T08:22:29Z zooko laziness is important
274 2010-02-02T06:50:55Z secorp moving 1.6 link from Trac link to email link
273 2010-02-02T06:41:41Z secorp making the link specific to 1.6 release including the revision
272 2010-02-02T06:24:46Z secorp adding the 1.6 release note link
271 2010-02-02T05:56:50Z zooko add news about CNCI report
270 2010-02-02T02:17:48Z secorp
269 2010-02-02T02:09:13Z secorp
268 2010-01-30T07:14:17Z zooko try to highlight the Download link and the Try It Now links by …
267 2010-01-27T02:38:46Z zooko update news to be in the past tense
266 2010-01-09T16:45:14Z zooko nobody is really going to read the security overview first. sorry. :-(
265 2009-12-22T07:34:44Z secorp
264 2009-12-20T14:48:36Z soult Add tahoe-lafs workshop at 26c3
263 2009-12-12T21:08:50Z imhavoc
262 2009-12-12T18:46:46Z terrell
261 2009-12-12T10:02:41Z Grumpf Additionnal tagging of Tahoe-LFS network topology schema <img>
260 2009-11-20T22:54:52Z zooko link to News page
259 2009-11-16T05:34:29Z nejucomo Marketing spin.
258 2009-10-30T22:11:18Z zooko link to RSA presentation
257 2009-10-30T22:09:40Z zooko remove some old buzz
256 2009-10-12T22:33:27Z zooko presentation at HadoopWorld?
255 2009-10-11T21:13:24Z zooko Karmic inclusion news
254 2009-09-06T15:21:37Z secorp adding xtreemfs to the news section
253 2009-08-16T01:48:09Z secorp consolidated Buzz into News
252 2009-08-15T20:38:24Z secorp edited latest news to include open-sourced Windows client
251 2009-08-15T20:37:39Z secorp
250 2009-08-15T20:33:59Z secorp added link to windows Trac instance
249 2009-08-15T16:12:43Z zooko add link to FAQ
248 2009-08-05T02:47:42Z zooko edit
247 2009-08-04T17:53:32Z nejucomo Make a link to Trac security overview.
246 2009-08-04T15:21:31Z secorp added link to review by ars technica
245 2009-08-02T05:19:01Z zooko forward-compatibility yay
244 2009-08-02T05:07:35Z zooko v1.5 release
243 2009-08-02T03:28:23Z kpreid limit width of diagram thumbnail to column width, fix unitless CSS …
242 2009-07-24T13:03:59Z zooko edits
241 2009-06-24T00:38:59Z zooko fix typo
240 2009-06-24T00:38:41Z zooko This imperative-voice thing is cool.
239 2009-06-24T00:38:01Z zooko "Download" in anchor text, and also use more imperative voice.
238 2009-06-23T22:50:32Z warner use lists on bullet points, to compress the vertical spread a bit
237 2009-06-23T22:44:54Z warner make download link more clear, move trac-docs links into "Docs" section
236 2009-05-28T23:26:39Z zooko include thumbnail of network-and-reliance-topology on front page
235 2009-05-27T20:14:38Z secorp
234 2009-05-19T03:49:58Z secorp
233 2009-05-19T03:37:14Z secorp formatting change, not quite happy with how the Buzz section came out …
232 2009-05-18T20:18:58Z secorp
231 2009-05-18T20:07:16Z secorp Moving Donate button to more prominent place
230 2009-05-18T19:14:00Z secorp Adding the donation button
229 2009-05-10T15:21:52Z zooko remove old Buzz
228 2009-05-10T15:13:39Z zooko anchor to "Laptop Versus Axe!"
227 2009-05-10T15:12:43Z zooko add link to Hack Tahoe in News, remove old news
226 2009-05-06T19:35:42Z zooko simplify the front page
225 2009-05-06T19:34:42Z zooko simplify front page
224 2009-05-06T19:33:04Z zooko
223 2009-04-22T17:49:37Z zooko link to film @ 11
222 2009-04-20T16:39:25Z robk remove duplicate news entry that breaks (and makes confusing) chronology
221 2009-04-19T03:46:38Z zooko announce Laptop Versus Axe
220 2009-04-14T23:31:03Z zooko remove HAck Tahoe ! and 1.2.0 from News (they are still on Old News); …
219 2009-04-14T23:29:17Z zooko remove Thanks-to-Justin from front page (it is still on the Old News page)
218 2009-04-14T23:28:09Z zooko add News of 1.4 release
217 2009-04-09T19:55:56Z zooko update news
216 2009-04-03T00:28:24Z zooko April, not March
215 2009-04-01T23:51:32Z zooko GSoC!
214 2009-04-01T22:13:36Z zooko emphasize live web gateway better
213 2009-03-25T03:20:11Z zooko announce no GSoC for You
212 2009-03-25T02:18:10Z zooko editing
211 2009-03-18T04:31:24Z zooko Okay maybe five exclamation points in six sentences is a bit much.
210 2009-03-18T04:29:18Z zooko codecon!
209 2009-03-17T16:53:32Z zooko edit: fix typo
208 2009-03-17T03:34:59Z zooko edit
207 2009-03-17T01:48:37Z zooko oldest buzz was moved to the OldNews page
206 2009-03-17T01:45:04Z zooko no "click here"
205 2009-03-12T18:10:29Z zooko announce application to GSoC
204 2009-02-17T22:57:42Z zooko edit layout
203 2009-02-14T01:35:42Z zooko edit 1.3 news
202 2009-02-14T01:31:00Z zooko 1.3 on front page
201 2009-02-12T15:47:43Z zooko edit
200 2009-02-12T00:53:59Z zooko edit
199 2009-02-02T20:48:47Z zooko
198 2009-02-02T03:01:25Z zooko no building requires
197 2009-01-23T19:19:43Z zooko add news about FAST09 paper
196 2009-01-23T19:17:22Z zooko move some old buzz to the Old News page
195 2009-01-23T19:15:43Z zooko remove some old news
194 2009-01-15T04:02:33Z zooko edit
193 2008-12-03T12:44:37Z zooko improve layout of invitation to live demo gateway
192 2008-12-03T12:41:54Z zooko change port number of testgrid
191 2008-11-22T19:46:06Z zooko s/com/org/
190 2008-11-22T19:45:25Z zooko s/tahoebs1/testgrid/
189 2008-11-01T04:06:27Z secorp added article about computation and data security in the cloud
188 2008-10-29T23:12:06Z secorp added article about potential RAID failures
187 2008-09-17T21:03:36Z warner minor edits
186 2008-09-17T18:05:19Z zooko more links to test grid
185 2008-09-10T18:23:59Z secorp
184 2008-09-08T22:01:14Z zooko don't link to DownloadDebianPackages on the front page in addition to …
183 2008-09-08T21:56:30Z zooko remove some whitespace
182 2008-09-04T18:31:27Z secorp
181 2008-09-04T18:30:58Z secorp
180 2008-09-02T05:33:46Z secorp added article about online backup economics
179 2008-08-29T15:13:38Z zooko exclude 64-bit debian from DownloadDebianPackages
178 2008-08-28T20:54:34Z zooko edit
177 2008-08-28T17:46:14Z zooko live demo gateway first
176 2008-08-26T15:46:34Z zooko edit
175 2008-08-26T15:45:37Z zooko layout edit
174 2008-08-26T15:44:25Z zooko add link to live demo gateway
173 2008-08-24T13:56:50Z zooko add link to tahoe playground
172 2008-08-23T02:10:08Z zooko edit
171 2008-08-21T17:27:25Z zooko mention tahoe-announce
170 2008-08-18T23:16:24Z zooko fix typo
169 2008-08-18T23:14:50Z zooko announce lafs.pdf
168 2008-08-17T01:25:20Z secorp fixed formatting
167 2008-08-17T01:24:43Z secorp
166 2008-08-17T01:20:32Z zooko layout
165 2008-08-17T01:20:00Z zooko explain what this hip and cool word means
164 2008-08-17T01:19:26Z zooko change "Mentioned In The Press" to the much hipper and cooler and more …
163 2008-08-17T00:23:13Z zooko move LWN article from News to Press
162 2008-08-16T16:03:36Z secorp
161 2008-08-16T16:02:46Z secorp
160 2008-08-16T16:01:11Z secorp
159 2008-08-16T15:58:54Z secorp
158 2008-08-16T15:55:36Z secorp
157 2008-08-16T15:54:31Z secorp
156 2008-08-16T15:52:06Z secorp
155 2008-07-23T23:14:39Z zooko fix date of 1.2.0 news
154 2008-07-22T02:55:01Z zooko announce 1.2
153 2008-07-19T06:24:20Z zooko News: hack tahoe!
152 2008-07-18T22:47:51Z zooko add link to article in News
151 2008-07-11T01:20:58Z zooko thanks to Justin
150 2008-07-11T01:19:09Z zooko justin's new front-page design
149 2008-07-09T01:10:07Z justin
148 2008-07-08T23:55:17Z justin
147 2008-07-08T23:54:56Z justin
146 2008-07-08T23:53:55Z justin
145 2008-07-08T17:57:50Z zooko
144 2008-07-08T17:55:32Z zooko add link to
143 2008-06-17T19:40:53Z warner add a link to DownloadDebianPackages
142 2008-06-11T22:14:32Z zooko v1.1 released
141 2008-05-25T13:38:28Z zooko
140 2008-05-25T13:37:08Z zooko
139 2008-04-29T04:19:09Z scj65316 Fix two typos
138 2008-04-14T16:58:46Z zooko
137 2008-03-26T03:29:20Z zooko remove user target disclaimer from front page
136 2008-03-26T03:28:53Z zooko remove licence from front page
135 2008-03-26T03:27:33Z zooko v0.9 on front page
134 2008-03-15T14:27:12Z warner add pycon slides and paper
133 2008-03-13T20:25:51Z zooko announce v0.9
132 2008-03-02T12:47:57Z CraigOverend Fixed dud mailing list link
131 2008-02-19T23:03:32Z zooko announcing v0.8.0
130 2008-02-15T17:55:27Z zooko edit -- the path to the docs page is through about.html
129 2008-02-15T17:54:43Z zooko edit
128 2008-02-15T17:53:39Z zooko edit
127 2008-02-15T17:52:42Z zooko tweak welcome name
126 2008-02-15T16:55:09Z zooko strengthen the link to about.html
125 2008-01-28T16:24:28Z zooko formatting/layout
124 2008-01-23T14:05:44Z zooko edit
123 2008-01-23T14:05:23Z zooko
122 2008-01-23T14:04:43Z zooko add link to about.html
121 2008-01-13T22:21:19Z zooko
120 2008-01-13T22:20:48Z zooko
119 2008-01-13T22:19:51Z zooko update licensing note on front page
118 2008-01-08T18:04:04Z zooko 0.7.0 release!
117 2008-01-05T21:00:03Z zooko edit
116 2008-01-05T00:15:45Z zooko update intro doc
115 2008-01-04T23:15:43Z robk fixing installing tahoe link, since apparently the format=raw link to …
114 2008-01-04T23:13:03Z robk fix README link, which doesn't do what this page says, to point to …
113 2007-12-21T08:44:19Z warner reapply arch_o_median's typo fixes after expunging the spammy revisions
112 2007-12-01T16:50:27Z zooko add link to Doc on front page
111 2007-10-16T04:31:04Z zooko v0.6.1!
110 2007-09-24T22:39:00Z zooko improved list of improvements
109 2007-09-24T22:35:37Z zooko further concentration on README for all acquisition of tahoe software
108 2007-09-24T22:34:42Z zooko update wiki to focus all installation on README
107 2007-09-24T22:34:07Z zooko announce v0.6 on wiki
106 2007-09-24T21:58:00Z zooko point to v0.6 tarball (also .gz instead of .bz2)
105 2007-09-07T16:14:19Z warner change source-tarball link to point at 0.5.1
104 2007-08-24T16:48:35Z zooko remove old new news
103 2007-08-24T16:45:32Z zooko announce Tahoe v0.5.1
102 2007-08-24T15:37:04Z zooko edit: remove Test Grid section from front page
101 2007-08-21T22:14:21Z zooko edit front page
100 2007-08-21T22:13:37Z zooko announce security flaw
99 2007-08-20T19:25:22Z zooko mention Solaris
98 2007-08-17T23:20:08Z zooko latest news: v0.5
97 2007-08-13T18:48:22Z warner add link to source tarball download directory, and to the current release
96 2007-08-11T17:49:36Z zooko change spelling of the noun "licence"
95 2007-08-11T15:41:57Z arnowa
94 2007-07-20T19:23:39Z zooko clarify transitive obligation of the grace period clause
93 2007-07-19T19:45:54Z zooko formatting for consistency and navigability
92 2007-07-19T19:44:50Z zooko edit
91 2007-07-19T19:44:04Z zooko edit
90 2007-07-16T17:05:12Z zooko edits for navigability
89 2007-07-15T22:16:40Z zooko edits for ease of navigation, as requested by Brian
88 2007-07-11T16:34:19Z zooko
87 2007-07-11T16:33:03Z zooko
86 2007-07-11T16:30:55Z zooko move TracStartingPoints into its own page
85 2007-07-11T02:40:20Z zooko
84 2007-07-10T23:09:19Z zooko README before download debian packages
83 2007-07-10T23:08:05Z zooko edit
82 2007-07-10T20:39:26Z zooko
81 2007-07-10T20:37:05Z zooko edit
80 2007-07-10T19:08:48Z zooko link to Dev page and mailing list from front page
79 2007-07-05T23:06:10Z zooko update links to News and Dev
78 2007-06-30T00:11:04Z zooko v0.4!
77 2007-06-30T00:02:40Z zooko edit
76 2007-06-29T22:22:42Z warner fix 'The the README file'
75 2007-06-29T21:32:19Z zooko edit
74 2007-06-29T21:29:59Z zooko licence clarification
73 2007-06-29T21:29:01Z zooko edit
72 2007-06-29T21:28:00Z zooko edit
71 2007-06-29T21:26:21Z zooko edit
70 2007-06-29T21:25:48Z zooko removing "of any size" pending #29
69 2007-06-29T21:19:51Z zooko refactor news section a bit, and pre-announce v0.4
68 2007-06-29T21:05:43Z zooko Tahoe is secure
67 2007-06-11T17:20:11Z zooko mark the public test grid as running v0.3
66 2007-06-04T18:07:00Z zooko editing
65 2007-06-04T18:05:16Z zooko re-arrange news sources
64 2007-06-04T18:03:48Z zooko swap the positions of News and Documentation
63 2007-06-04T18:03:21Z zooko add zooko's blog, which often contains relevant material
62 2007-05-24T20:51:08Z zooko s/network/grid/
61 2007-05-13T20:11:05Z arnowa
60 2007-05-13T20:10:41Z arnowa
59 2007-05-02T22:52:08Z zooko
58 2007-05-02T22:47:44Z zooko provide hyperlinks to copied of introducer.furl and vdrive.furl
57 2007-05-02T20:08:44Z zooko edit: copy exact licence text from relnotes.txt
56 2007-05-02T20:06:50Z zooko OMIT NEEDLESS WORDS!
55 2007-05-02T20:05:25Z zooko update target market and release date on front page
54 2007-05-02T19:19:34Z zooko
53 2007-05-02T05:16:25Z zooko tiny english edit
52 2007-05-02T05:16:02Z zooko remove slightly bit-rotten and hopefully no longer necessary note …
51 2007-05-02T05:13:59Z zooko re-arrange wiki front page and move debian apt-source into README
50 2007-05-01T17:45:32Z warner change figleaf coverage pointer: there is not yet a single URL that …
49 2007-05-01T15:29:19Z zooko s/mesh/grid/
48 2007-05-01T05:31:50Z secorp
47 2007-05-01T02:36:29Z zooko edit anchor text
46 2007-05-01T02:35:59Z zooko add link to Allmydata, Inc. blog
45 2007-05-01T01:16:20Z warner minor typo
44 2007-04-30T15:05:39Z zooko edit
43 2007-04-30T15:05:19Z zooko
42 2007-04-30T05:30:41Z zooko EDIT
41 2007-04-30T05:29:51Z zooko edit
40 2007-04-30T05:28:11Z zooko edit
39 2007-04-30T05:24:13Z zooko edit
38 2007-04-30T05:23:28Z zooko edit
37 2007-04-30T05:21:40Z zooko edit
36 2007-04-30T05:21:15Z zooko edits
35 2007-04-30T05:02:40Z zooko edit
34 2007-04-30T04:47:35Z zooko format/edit
33 2007-04-30T04:46:59Z zooko edit
32 2007-04-30T04:46:05Z zooko edits
31 2007-04-30T04:45:23Z zooko remove the supporting libraries section on the grounds that it is in …
30 2007-04-28T16:46:11Z zooko new section: News and Status
29 2007-04-28T16:43:01Z zooko edit
28 2007-04-28T16:42:36Z zooko edit
27 2007-04-28T16:39:39Z zooko add more links to docs
26 2007-04-28T16:31:07Z zooko add introductory text in response to widespread incomprehension on IRC
25 2007-04-28T00:47:30Z zooko edit
24 2007-04-28T00:45:12Z zooko set expectations at the start
23 2007-04-27T23:50:38Z zooko
22 2007-04-27T03:29:27Z zooko
21 2007-04-27T03:28:15Z zooko
20 2007-04-27T01:26:33Z warner tahoecs1 got renumbered, so the furls got changed
19 2007-04-26T22:15:41Z warner fix source: links, the paths should no longer have 'trunk/' in them
18 2007-04-26T21:50:24Z warner add links to the mailing lists
17 2007-04-26T18:21:20Z zooko a couple of minor edits (truth in advertising)
16 2007-04-26T08:45:28Z warner add links to supporting libraries
15 2007-04-26T08:25:18Z warner add links to public testnet (not necessarily functional right now)
14 2007-04-24T18:42:16Z warner missing space
13 2007-04-24T18:41:43Z warner replace source: links with ones to the current darcs tree
12 2007-04-24T18:20:18Z warner
11 2007-04-24T03:08:16Z warner link to readme and relnotes
10 2007-04-24T02:35:47Z warner add a brief intro, license info
9 2007-04-24T02:26:55Z warner link to TahoeIssues?
8 2007-04-24T00:29:08Z warner add debian package install instructions
7 2007-04-24T00:26:47Z warner
6 2007-04-24T00:17:43Z warner add link to debian repository
5 2007-04-23T22:54:34Z warner add link to graph of code coverage percentage
4 2007-04-22T23:54:31Z warner add one link to code coverage, not really the best
3 2007-04-22T23:37:15Z warner add pointer to the public tahoe darcs repository
2 2007-04-22T22:21:11Z warner remove most trac-specific stuff, start putting in tahoe docs
1 2007-04-20T23:31:30Z trac