19:42 Ticket #1230 (help synopsis for 'tahoe ln' is confusing) created by davidsarah
tahoe ln --help just says: […] followed by the global options …
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more .txt -> .rst (diff)
17:42 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
FTP-and-SFTP.txt -> .rst (diff)
13:56 Ticket #1229 (Memory leak during deep-check) created by francois
Running tahoe deep-check --add-lease --repair on a large …
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Added distutils.cfg file (diff)
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04:43 Ticket #1218 (missing python http_proxy env variable in AdvancedInstall page on the wiki) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Done.
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http_proxy variable (diff)
04:33 Ticket #1225 (Conversion of docs to .rst) reopened by davidsarah
The files in docs/frontends have not been converted.
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replace 'tor' and 'i2p' keywords with 'anonymity' (diff)
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15:50 Ticket #569 (need test for advertisement of large share support) closed by zooko
fixed: I think this is probably covered by 8c37b8e3af2f4d1b, and …
15:48 Ticket #435 (automate testing of large files) closed by zooko
fixed: This was long ago fixed by 6c4019ec33e7a253 (see also …
14:40 Ticket #780 (Regularly snapshot dev infrastructure.) closed by zooko
fixed: I hereby declare that Brian having backups of the dev infrastructure …
14:39 Ticket #313 (periodic automated test of allmydata.com prodnet grid) closed by zooko
fixed: I believe that we did have automated periodic monitoring of the …
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say that allmydata windows client is not actively maintained (diff)
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fix architecture.rst link (diff)
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typo (diff)
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Added multiple introducer question (diff)
00:20 Ticket #1228 (backupdb and ext4 i_version/generation xattributes) created by warner
I recently learned that several linux filesystems can track …


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