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wrong section heading (diff)
21:50 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
more about non-UTF-8 clients (diff)
21:47 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
move a bunch of rows of the Compatibility matrix out of the way (diff)
21:44 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
ref ticket #1089 (diff)
20:07 Ticket #1089 (SFTP and FTP: support for non-UTF-8 charsets (error message "Path ...) created by slush
I open new ticket, because I didn't found any reported problem with …
11:04 Ticket #1088 (Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on squeeze) created by arthur
11:04 Ticket #1087 (Have tahoe-lafs apt-get installable on lenny) created by arthur
you shouldn't have to source etch... have a repo for lenny. I believe …
05:06 Ticket #967 (minor code clean-up in dirnode.py) closed by zooko
fixed: Applied your two clean-up suggestions in …
04:50 Dev edited by zooko
add tahoe-lafs-trac-stream mailing list and reorg a bit (diff)
04:21 Ticket #859 (Running unit tests throws DeprecationWarnings) closed by zooko
fixed: I think these are all fixed. Let's not worry about suppressing the …
04:14 Changeset in trunk [718870a7] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
dirnode.py: comments about normalization changes.
03:46 Changeset in trunk [72e395d] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
test_storage.py: print more information on test failures.
03:44 Changeset in trunk [7e76445] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
stringutils.py: remove unused import.
03:44 Changeset in trunk [5ada310] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
test_stringutils.py: take account of the output of listdir_unicode no …
03:40 Changeset in trunk [025aede9] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
test_dirnode.py: partial tests for normalization changes.
03:39 Changeset in trunk [1a0674b] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
CLI: allow Unicode patterns in exclude option to 'tahoe backup'.
03:37 Changeset in trunk [c1412c8a] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
SFTP: get 'ctime' attribute from 'tahoe:linkmotime'.
03:36 Changeset in trunk [6d669029] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
running.html: describe where 'bin/tahoe' is only once.
01:55 Changeset in trunk [9f5488b] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
stringutils.py: don't NFC-normalize the output of listdir_unicode.
01:28 Changeset in trunk [965f0dcf] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Merge using.html into running.html.
00:45 Changeset in trunk [1c7e71e]trac-4500 by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Remove firewall section from running.html and say to read …
00:09 Changeset in trunk [e8636ee] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
running.html: fix overeager replacement of 'tahoe' with 'Tahoe-LAFS', …


18:58 Ticket #911 (Create a specification for the servers of happiness behavior) closed by zooko
fixed: Applied in 7cadb49b88c03209. Thanks!
15:42 Ticket #1080 (assorted documentation fixes for #778) closed by zooko
fixed: committed in 4141d955884670e7, …
04:20 Changeset in trunk [e2c7ad1] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
stringutils.py: Add encoding argument to quote_output. Also work …
04:18 Ticket #534 (CLI (e.g. tahoe cp) does not correctly handle or display Unicode ...) closed by davidsarah
03:57 Ticket #1086 (servers should attempt to open connections to clients) created by zooko
Currently each client attempts to open a connection to each server. If …
03:25 Ticket #1085 (we shouldn't use "assert" to validate incoming data in introducer client) created by zooko
03:14 Changeset in trunk [c8d99b7] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Provisional patch to NFC-normalize filenames going in and out of Tahoe …
01:16 Ticket #1084 (nondeterministic failure of ...) created by davidsarah


23:26 Ticket #1083 (FTP frontend should avoid caching plaintext of uploads) created by davidsarah
The SFTP frontend was changed to avoid using a cleartext temporary …
23:04 Ticket #1082 (default servers-of-happiness=7 prevents single-server use case from ...) created by zooko
22:21 Ticket #1081 (FTP upload silently fails when nodes < happiness) created by slush
When I upload file using FTP (SFTP not affected), the upload …


23:15 Ticket #1080 (assorted documentation fixes for #778) created by kevan
There are a couple of documentation patches on #778 that should …
03:19 Ticket #1049 (gvfs-fuse doesn't work (completely) with the sftp interface) reopened by zooko


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19:13 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
WinSCP workaround (diff)
18:52 Patches edited by zooko
use the right suffix for your file type (diff)
16:45 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
directory listing bug (diff)
16:42 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
paragraph split in security section (diff)
16:11 Ticket #744 (leasecrawler test failure) closed by zooko
cannot reproduce: I don't think we had flogging turned on in those cygwin unit tests. …
16:08 SftpFrontend edited by zooko
advice for SFTP users re: AES timing attack (diff)
01:41 Ticket #105 (command-line: access to uris) closed by davidsarah
fixed: It appears that this was fixed two years ago, in r2586.
00:54 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
unlink PyCrypto (diff)
00:52 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
security section (diff)


23:48 Ticket #1050 (open with SSH_FXF_TRUNC without SSH_FXF_CREAT violates SFTP spec, but ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Fixed according to bj0 on IRC.
23:14 Ticket #494 (zfec compilation fixes for Windows) closed by davidsarah
invalid: The zfec bug tracker is here. …
23:00 Ticket #460 (cp -rv fails rather gracelessly in face of network quake) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Probably fixed by #646.
22:54 Ticket #576 (./bin/tahoe run appears broken.) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #576?
21:02 Ticket #929 (Dirnodes can be created without "tahoe" metadata) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Applied to trunk in 4f58355a0eebd79e.
05:18 SftpFrontend edited by davidsarah
ctime/mtime caveats (diff)
04:29 Ticket #1079 (upload of file into dir doesn't appear on Recent Uploads and Downloads) created by zooko
When I upload a file into a directory, such as this one: …
04:08 Ticket #1078 (timestamps: localizable format and timezone) created by zooko
Make it possible for a user to specify that they want timestamps in …
04:06 Ticket #1077 (consistent timestamp format and timezone) created by zooko
All timestamps which are visible in the user interface, log files or …


20:52 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
link to release announcement (diff)
20:49 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
fix v1.7β release announcement (diff)
20:49 WikiStart edited by davidsarah
add v1.7β release announcement (diff)


17:35 Ticket #1040 (SFTP interface not working over sshfs on OS X) closed by davidsarah
00:01 Ticket #1076 (Unicode normalization needs to be applied to filenames in more cases) created by davidsarah
Currently, the CLI normalizes filenames to NFC when listing the …
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