23:48 Ticket #847 (create internal VerifierNode/RepairerNode classes) created by warner
I'd like to have a set of VerifierNode and/or RepairerNode
21:17 Ticket #761 ("tahoe cp $DIRCAP/$PATH $LOCAL" raises AttributeError) closed by warner
fixed: The patch looks great. I've applied it in …
20:05 Ticket #814 (v1.4.1 storage servers sending a negative number for ...) closed by warner
fixed: This has been subsumed by #637, which was just committed, so this can …
20:05 Ticket #637 (support "keep this much disk space free" on Windows as well as other ...) closed by warner
fixed: Doh, I don't know how I missed that.. must have been sleepy. …


22:03 Ticket #846 (allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_mutable sometimes hangs on ...) created by zooko
On François's lenny-armv5tel box, …
21:25 Ticket #817 (inconsistent Recent Operations Status - Done/Finished) closed by warner
fixed: Committed, in c4d38ad4c56233e3. Thanks!
21:16 Ticket #845 ("tahoe backup" and HFS+ OS-level immutable directories: copying Time ...) created by warner
Some local filesystems offer immutable directories (specifically HFS+, …
20:13 FAQ edited by zooko
add FAQ: Does It Work On Windows? (diff)
20:12 RelatedProjects edited by zooko
add Octavia (diff)
18:20 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
specify that Tahoe-LAFS v1.5.0 is what you get in Karmic (diff)
18:14 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
oops the hardy-i386 pycryptopp deb is apparently broken, see #769 (diff)
16:24 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
karmic was released (diff)
16:21 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
separate i386 and amd64 for Debian sid (diff)
04:51 Ticket #844 (Support ETags for immutable files in web front-end) closed by davidsarah
invalid: Oops. The current code is supposed to support ETags (search for …


22:47 Ticket #606 (backupdb: add directory cache) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in 9901a08fd30efa87.
07:14 Ticket #844 (Support ETags for immutable files in web front-end) created by davidsarah
Tahoe immutable files are, well, immutable. GETting an immutable file …


21:44 Ticket #843 (zope recursion during build / test / install) created by nejucomo
I left my machine while running "time { python setup.py build && …


22:13 Ticket #696 (zfec: faster initialization) closed by zooko
22:11 Ticket #697 (zfec: SIMD) closed by zooko
21:34 Ticket #842 (PipelineError during backup) closed by warner
fixed: Ok, 41bcc9f39ec52c7e should close this. Python2.5/2.6 …
09:05 Ticket #842 (PipelineError during backup) created by francois
I'm using a fresh darcs checkout as of November 24 with Alberto …


04:35 Ticket #626 (The wapi ought to cope with slashes) closed by zooko
invalid: I agree with davidsarah, and note that #731 is about actually …
03:17 Ticket #841 (Support localization by eliminating hardcoded English strings) created by davidsarah
Tahoe is not localized at all; there are English text strings …
03:11 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
'encoding' keyword isn't unicode/i18n-related (diff)
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add query about i18n/encoding issues (diff)
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