21:30 Ticket #785 (lenny (onwards) packages should depend on python-pysqlite2 not ...) created by arthur
python-sqlite2 has been renamed to python-pysqlite2 so from lenny …


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15:28 Ticket #784 (explain what the "Report an incident" button does) created by zooko
The "Report an incident" button on the welcome page could have a …
02:32 Ticket #783 (does it sometimes use 750 MB) created by terrell
My main machine, Intel iMac on 10.5.7, has been running a tahoe node …


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fix minor formatting problem (diff)


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update the compatibility table, still not right (diff)
18:35 Ticket #664 (Unable to start.) closed by zooko
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #456.
15:48 Ticket #782 (connection lost during "tahoe backup") created by zooko
Andrej Falout …
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clarity tweaks (diff)
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Rewrite, hope this makes it easier for newbies to join the grid (diff)


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edit (diff)


20:34 Ticket #781 (wanted: Windows Packaging Master) created by zooko
Lots of people would like to have a binary installer for Windows. See …
18:06 Ticket #780 (Regularly snapshot dev infrastructure.) created by nejucomo
If the dev infrastructure crashes or is maliciously corrupted/deleted, …
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Link to TracSecurityOverview (diff)
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Make a link to Trac security overview. (diff)
17:53 TracSecurityOverview created by nejucomo
Created a security overview page as a quick guide to Trac users.
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add link to Marc Tooley's Perforce script (diff)
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Make a pedantic security warning. (diff)
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added link to review by ars technica (diff)
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remove unnecessary bit that I suspect might have misled someone (diff)


08:11 Ticket #779 (Package tahoe with ipkg technology for NAS devices) created by arthur
opkg was replaced by ipkg, have an ipkg package for tahoe (then it can …
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