16:19 Ticket #183 (file upload timestamps) closed by zooko
fixed: This was fixed forever ago, and then the fix was improved a couple of …
03:10 Ticket #776 (users are confused by "tahoe rm") created by zooko
I found the following conversation log between a new user (PovAddict) …


06:59 Ticket #735 (time_format.parse_date() test failure) closed by bdew
duplicate: This was because iso_utc_time_to_seconds was playing with the local …


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punctuation (diff)
18:53 Ticket #775 (no pycrypto + authorized_keys file should refuse to start with a clear ...) created by zooko
In #522, RobK reports that if you don't have pycrypto installed …
18:49 Ticket #774 (pycrypto package is required for manhole) created by zooko
RobK points out that manhole doesn't work if you don't have …
18:15 Ticket #773 (organize the documentation for installation on Windows) created by zooko
Before the official Tahoe-LAFS v1.5.0 release, I would like for …
14:10 Ticket #772 (cli: to specify basedir sometimes requires "-C" option, other times ...) created by robk
while you can say "tahoe create-introducer introducer" it is an error …


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05:48 Ticket #771 (tahoe ls doesn't work on files) created by kevan
If I have an immutable file file2 at testdir/file2 on my …


22:21 Ticket #770 (webapi: listen on multiple interfaces/ports) created by swillden
The primary use case is to allow a node to be accessed via either HTTP …
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12:38 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
that isn't a problem with sid anymore, but it is a problem with lenny (diff)
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