22:12 Ticket #134 (zfec: Windows build: are the compiler optimizations right?) closed by zooko
wontfix: Eh, the default is good enough.
22:09 Ticket #161 (etch debs work on lenny -- document this fact) closed by zooko
20:30 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
add notes about etch and lenny (diff)
20:11 Ticket #147 (undocumented dependency on OpenSSL) closed by zooko
20:03 Ticket #133 (zfec: warnings about snprintf and vsnprintf) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed in zfec v1.1, which will be uploaded to pypi shortly.
18:04 Ticket #163 (add note about make check-deps to README) created by zooko
Peter followed the README on his Mac, and one of his notes was: […]
18:03 Ticket #162 (command-line: add allmydata-tahoe mv) created by zooko
Peter tried it and one of his notes was: […]


16:38 Ticket #161 (etch debs work on lenny -- document this fact) created by zooko
Turns out that the etch debs work fine on Debian lenny (testing).
16:36 Ticket #160 (upgrade public test grid to v0.6.0) created by zooko
It might be nice to upgrade the public test grid from its current v0.6 …
16:34 Ticket #159 (extra newline in .furl file breaks furls, and the resulting ...) created by zooko
Sebastian and I accidentally left an extra newline at the end of our …
16:32 Ticket #158 (command-line: -u not recognized) created by zooko
The --node-url= option works, but the intended synonym -u gives a …
16:30 Ticket #157 (include public test grid furls in .debs?) created by zooko
Sebastian ran create-client and it said "Please copy in the furl …
16:27 Ticket #156 (how to find tahoe process with ps) created by zooko
Sebastian tried Tahoe last night, and after it said "client node …
16:21 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) created by zooko
What do you think? It's shorter.
16:17 Ticket #154 (usage string program name != executable name?) created by zooko
Sebastian tried out Tahoe last night, and one thing he pointed out was …
04:44 Ticket #153 (iputil returns created by zooko
I thought I was supposed to fix this, but I just saw it on cygwin. …


15:53 Dev edited by zooko
editing (diff)


19:16 Ticket #152 (build "sharing slots" / use mutable files as primitives for sharing ...) created by warner
We were talking with Peter yesterday about what sort of sharing UI …
19:02 Ticket #151 (maildir inlet) created by warner
Peter mentioned yesterday that one of google's offerings lets you …
01:21 Performance edited by warner
01:21 Performance edited by warner
fix typo (diff)
01:20 Performance edited by warner
add 64-bit memcheck graph (diff)


22:08 Performance edited by warner
add link to #150 in the discussion of storage-server ext3 directory … (diff)
22:07 Performance edited by warner
add delay_rtt graph (diff)
18:54 Ticket #150 (don't overfill your filesystem's directories -- and make intermediate ...) created by zooko
As mentioned on [wiki:Performance#StorageServers the Performance …
13:39 Ticket #149 (unable to use pre-installed non-distutils-aware nevow) closed by zooko
duplicate: merging into #141
04:07 Ticket #149 (unable to use pre-installed non-distutils-aware nevow) created by warner
I just tried to upgrade the tahoebs1 testnet nodes, and got the …
03:51 Performance edited by warner
add links to munin speed graphs: delay and rate (diff)


04:36 Ticket #86 (add a check block to the front of the plaintext, to verify the correct key) closed by zooko
wontfix: I'm resolving this as wontfix. If in the future we or someone else …
04:34 Ticket #128 (exception from unit test: "thing has no attribute 'doWrite'") closed by zooko
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #31.
04:31 Ticket #66 (peers failure tolerance) closed by zooko
duplicate: So with v0.6 the behavior is better, but not until ticket #92 is done …
04:25 Ticket #5 (verifierid as storage index: not the whole story) closed by zooko
fixed: Nowadays the storage index is the secure hash of the encryption key. …
04:24 Ticket #135 (wiki/relnotes/README/Makefile/etc. for v0.6) closed by zooko
04:11 Ticket #148 (README failure (confusion)) created by zooko
Nathan read the README and didn't realize that he had to manually …
04:09 Ticket #147 (undocumented dependency on OpenSSL) created by zooko
Nathan posted to tahoe-dev that we failed to document a dependency on …


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update pointer to relnotes.txt (diff)
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update update (diff)
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update text (diff)
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improved list of improvements (diff)
22:35 WikiStart edited by zooko
further concentration on README for all acquisition of tahoe software (diff)
22:34 WikiStart edited by zooko
update wiki to focus all installation on README (diff)
22:34 WikiStart edited by zooko
announce v0.6 on wiki (diff)
22:28 Ticket #146 (teach setuptools how to build an official tahoe source tarball) created by zooko
The best way would probably be to teach setuptools how to detect that …
21:58 WikiStart edited by zooko
point to v0.6 tarball (also .gz instead of .bz2) (diff)
21:43 Milestone 0.6.0 completed
release focus: * packaging * performance
02:15 Ticket #130 (register tahoe with the cheeseshop) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay I've uploaded v0.5.1-191 as a test run: …
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