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v0.6 news (diff)
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more info about mogilefs (diff)
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15:36 Ticket #143 (test_client fails on cygwin) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 93efd2902ee4626b
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14:17 Ticket #98 (Web API is vulnerable to XSRF attacks.) closed by zooko
fixed: Whoops, I forgot to mark this as fixed in the v0.5.1 release. I wish …
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13:30 Ticket #145 ("make test" tests the installed version of allmydata, not the local ...) created by zooko
It seems like .pth paths get searched earlier than PYTHONPATH, so if …


21:26 Ticket #144 (test_vdrive fails on Solaris) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by a18f7aa6d5771d9a
16:45 Ticket #144 (test_vdrive fails on Solaris) created by zooko
On my GNU/OpenSolaris box ("nooxie"), I usually but not always get …
16:44 Ticket #143 (test_client fails on cygwin) created by zooko
This happens on our cygwin buildslave as well as on my cygwin on …
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added mogilefs (diff)
02:52 Ticket #142 (pywin32 can't be installed automatically) created by zooko


22:44 Ticket #141 (setuptools console scripts vs. manually installed dependencies) created by zooko
The setuptools console scripts feature is useful for making …
21:27 Ticket #140 (the "setuptools+GNU stow" hack doesn't work on zope.interface) created by zooko
The trick of […] Which can be used to install setuptools packages …
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update about how we now use setuptools (diff)
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03:29 Ticket #137 (automate satisfaction of pywin32 dependency) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 60573a2917eb09c3
03:29 Ticket #136 (find-twistd hack falls afoul of "twistd sig handler vs. subprocess" ?) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 3774ce59ea87abd5
03:28 Ticket #139 (automate satisfaction of zope.interface dependency) closed by zooko
fixed: This is now in there, but since Nevow and foolscap require …


16:28 Ticket #139 (automate satisfaction of zope.interface dependency) created by zooko
We can automate this one, too.
16:23 Ticket #138 (profiling) created by zooko
I would like to run some tahoe servers and clients under profilers …
16:22 Ticket #137 (automate satisfaction of pywin32 dependency) created by zooko
pywin32 can be included in our automatically-satisfied dependencies.


23:06 Ticket #42 (make should complain about missing pyopenssl) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by a succession of patches, most recently …
23:00 Ticket #136 (find-twistd hack falls afoul of "twistd sig handler vs. subprocess" ?) created by zooko
test_runner fails consistently on my Mac with EINTR. It might be due …
22:58 Ticket #135 (wiki/relnotes/README/Makefile/etc. for v0.6) created by zooko
We've made several improvements to packaging/build/etc (e.g. #82, #93, …
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08:12 Ticket #129 (high memory usage during GET for large files and slow links) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 1340c484c6c60c52. The producer/consumer stuff …


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explain better about node count for propgrid 1x (diff)
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formatting (diff)
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add two kinds of proprietary grid use cases, edit text. (diff)
19:19 Ticket #134 (zfec: Windows build: are the compiler optimizations right?) created by zooko
The setup.py script apparently doesn't get interpreted the same way by …
19:18 Ticket #133 (zfec: warnings about snprintf and vsnprintf) created by zooko
On Windows, if you don't pass the -mno-cygwin flag to gcc, then it …


21:27 Ticket #93 (default package path for python interpreter incompatible with README ...) closed by zooko
fixed: The way that sub-packages are included has been updated and this …
00:14 Ticket #132 (peer selection could be more uniform) closed by warner
fixed: fixed, with 808f85158989ebc7. It was easier than I thought …


23:57 Ticket #132 (peer selection could be more uniform) created by warner
Our new Tahoe2 peer selection algorithm is a lot more uniform than the …
09:28 Ticket #131 (add simplejson source to our distribution) created by warner
* step one: talk to the author of simplejson (Bob Ippolito) and …
09:26 Ticket #130 (register tahoe with the cheeseshop) created by warner
The python "cheeseshop" (http://pypi.python.org) is the standard place …
09:22 Ticket #82 (remove the "build" step in the "edit, build, run" cycle) closed by warner
fixed: * added nevow * there was a problem on dapper, where the nevow that …
08:34 Ticket #16 (move to Tahoe2 peer selection algorithm) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in 979d12cd42f95e36 and …
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