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dead code/bug in error-handling in mutable.layout.MDMFSlotWriteProxy._write

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Component: unknown Version: 1.10.0
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While investigating #2342, Brian and I noticed that this code appears to be buggy. It is calling addCallback(), and then the callback function is checking if the arg is a Failure, but Failure's would never get sent to a callback function, only to an errback function, which is not handled (here).

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To close this ticket, run the unit tests with code coverage, inspect the code coverage results around these lines here, then remove the handling of Failure inside _result() and re-run the complete unit tests, with code coverage, and examine the code coverage results again. I've already looked for whether there is an unhandled error path here, and I think I concluded that any error here gets handled in this code, but you should perhaps keep your wits about you and try to double-check that belief as you go.

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