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Unlikely XSS Potential in File Names in WUI

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Component: code-frontend-web Version: 1.7.1
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I have a file named "zumby-bumby ; mail blaggy@… < /etc/hosts" in the pubgrid root (http://pubgrid.tahoe-lafs.org/uri/URI%3ADIR2%3Actmtx2awdo4xt77x5xxaz6nyxm%3An5t546ddvd6xlv4v6se6sjympbdbvo7orwizuzl42urm73sxazqa/).

When you try to rename it, you get the message:

"No such child: zumby-bumby ; mail blaggy@… < /etc/hosts"

served as text/plain. IE will render text/plain as HTML if it detects HTML in the plain text. Pathetic, but true. To attack this, the attacker would have to convince the user to add a maliciously-named file to their directory, so it's more social engineering than automatable attack, but still.

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comment:1 Changed at 2010-08-04T23:27:51Z by warner

Do we know what their HTML-detector looks like? Is is looking at the start of the body, or in the middle? Specifically, would a text/plain response that says "No such child: <html><body><div>yay XSS</div></body></html>" get picked up as HTML?

If it's really stupid and looks in the middle, I suppose our defense is to return a text/html error message in which the filename has been safely encoded. (the CLI tools use a "Accept: text/plain, application/octet-stream" header, and I imagine IE accepts text/html, so we can have the server continue to give text/plain to the CLI tools).

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