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backup manager task (inside the node)

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So, after finally wrangling the hardware into the right places, I've finished setting up my personal backup grid, and have started to upload my large photo archives into it with the "tahoe backup" CLI tool. It's a large archive, and my rough estimate is that it will take about 45 hours of continuous uploading to complete.

One of the nodes is in my parent's house, and their downstream DSL is not very fast, so I expect that I'm maxing it out while I'm doing the upload. I don't want to impact their email and web browsing, so I'm trying to only run the upload at night. At this rate (8 hours a day) my backup is likely to take about 6 days.

Each night I start "tahoe backup", and each morning I kill it. The backupdb is working perfectly, and it only takes a few seconds to skip over the 10k-ish files that have already been uploaded.

But, what I'm starting to want is something to automate all this. I'd like to have a "backup manager" task, inside the node, which knows the source directory and target dirnode, and is configured with some timing information. Maybe something in tahoe.cfg like this:

b1.source = /Volumes/BackupDrive/Pictures
b1.target = backup:pictures
b1.frequency = 1week
b1.allowed_times = 2200-2400,0000-0800

The node would use a small DB to remember how long it's been since the last backup completed, and wouldn't start a new one until the ".frequency" duration had elapsed. It would look at ".allowed_times" to figure out whether it's allowed to start a backup right now or not, and would wait until the window begins. At that point, it would start a node-side "tahoe backup" equivalent, and let it run until either it completes or the window closes, at which point the process would be suspended until the next window.

The "b1" prefix is just an .ini-format trick to let you specify multiple jobs.

Once Foolscap learns how to perform bandwidth management (Foolscap#41), it would be nice to add a "b1.bandwidth" value, which would tell the backup manager that this job is not allowed to use more than a certain amount. I can imagine refinements to that specification, to say something like "don't send more than X bps to Tub 1234", to specifically protect my parent's downstream (while not directly limiting anything else). Another option is to tell the node what percentage of our resources (upstream/downstream bandwidth, CPU time) we're willing to put into this task, and have it throttle the backup job when the usage goes above that threshold.

Later, when we get a similar "checker/repair/rebalancing manager" in the node (#450, #543, #483, #661), we could configure it in a similar way, to control how much time/disk/IO it spends on the repair task. Because a tahoe-side deep-traversal is so much more expensive than a local disk walk (where the OS caches a lot of data), the repair manager probably wants to use a fairly large DB to keep track of which dirnodes have been visited or not, and which files haven't been checked in a while, etc. The backup manager can afford to simply kill and restart the "tahoe backup" job each time, because the backupdb does a good job of letting it skip over earlier work.

I'm not entirely sure how to best display the status of this task. Probably a web page, that shows some estimates of total files seen and how many have been uploaded or skipped so far. But I don't know how this page needs to be protected. If we don't put any controls on it, and don't display anything too secret (like dircaps), then maybe we can afford to put it at a guessable URL (like we currently do with the storage server status page). If we decide that it contains sensitive data, or we want to add controls (like "pause backup", or maybe let you twiddle config settings right from the web page), then it needs to be unguessable. #674 is about having private WUI pages like this.

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Replying to warner:

I'd like that as well!

Additionally, some kind of throttle config.option for the uploading node/client would be great, so that the uploader's connection is still usable and not maxed out constantly during large uploads, even if a helper service is used.

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