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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#663 integrate a distributed revision control tool with Tahoe GSoC closed zooko major enhancement
#741 tahoe create-alias corrupts the aliases file if it does not have a trailing newline alias easy closed davidsarah kpreid major defect
#877 reentrant confusion in mutable publish causes incorrect UCWE availability upload closed warner critical defect
#606 backupdb: add directory cache backupdb news-done cache performance closed warner major enhancement
#742 "tahoe cp --help" doesn't explain tahoe cp clearly enough to a new user docs cp easy usability closed davidsarah zooko major defect
#856 Mention 'tahoe run' in running.html, and improve tahoe --help text docs easy closed davidsarah davidsarah major enhancement
#67 Where to specify lease time docs easy leases closed lvo lvo minor enhancement
#878 warn users about the performance issues of mutable files docs mutable performance large reviewed closed kevan zooko major defect
#381 web set_children needs to be documented docs news-done closed zooko warner major defect
#928 start downloading as soon as you know where to get K shares download availability performance hang closed warner zooko major defect
#817 inconsistent Recent Operations Status - Done/Finished easy review closed terrell minor defect
#814 v1.4.1 storage servers sending a negative number for maximum-immutable-share-size? easy reviewed closed zooko major defect
#926 FTP frontend: Improve message if Twisted is unpatched ftp twisted error usability closed ndurner minor enhancement
#876 contrib/fuse/ doesn't tolerate deprecations warnings fuse reviewed closed francois francois minor defect
#888 Fuse system tests in contrib/fuse/ are broken fuse test cleanup closed francois francois major defect
#833 reject mutable children when *reading* an immutable dirnode integrity forward-compatibility backward-compatibility confidentiality news-done closed davidsarah warner critical defect
#889 'tahoe deep-check --repair --add-lease' triggers an exception in the client logging repair closed francois francois critical defect
#607 DIR2:IMM newcaps news-done closed warner zooko major defect
#533 wapi: add mkdir-with-children news-done closed warner major enhancement
#761 "tahoe cp $DIRCAP/$PATH $LOCAL" raises AttributeError news-done closed warner zooko major defect
#828 use mkdir-immutable in "tahoe backup" news-done closed warner warner major enhancement
#830 review Brian's patches for #607 news-done closed zooko zooko critical defect
#842 PipelineError during backup regression closed warner francois major defect
#919 hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error reliability error regression news-done closed nobody secorp critical defect
#121 handling errors in 'tahoe get' reliability test news-done closed zooko zooko major defect
#875 errors during add-lease cause checker false-negatives repair leases reliability closed warner warner major defect
#874 Repairer raises MustForceRepairError in cases where it shouldn't repair preservation news-done closed nobody davidsarah major defect
#786 TypeError when repairing an (unrecoverable?) directory repair verify availability usability news-done closed francois zooko major defect
#811 fix fuse impl_c a.k.a. blackmatch reviewed fuse closed francois zooko major defect
#729 Tahoe backup should WARN and go on when finding errors like: links to deleted files or access/read permission denied in local files/directories reviewed tahoe-backup symlink permissions reliability news-done closed francois stockrt major defect
#850 tahoe backup loops on recursive links tahoe-backup recursive symlink reliability hang news-done closed francois major defect
#460 cp -rv fails rather gracelessly in face of network quake tahoe-cp error closed robk minor defect
#771 tahoe ls doesn't work on files tahoe-ls closed nobody kevan major defect
#456 it would be nice if the dependency on OpenSSL could be automatically resolved test easy closed cgalvan warner major enhancement
#909 Message saying that we couldn't find bin/tahoe in should say where we looked test error cleanup closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#931 show ?-IMM and ?-RO for immutable and read-only unknown nodes in directory listings usability closed davidsarah davidsarah major enhancement
#892 Command synopses should refer to "grid" rather than "virtual drive" usability docs closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#927 t=set_children uses an underscore, when all other webapi commands use hyphens usability forward-compatibility backward-compatibility easy news-done closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#760 the command to create a server is named "create-client" usability news-done closed davidsarah zooko major defect
#646 CLI should report webapi errors better web news-done closed warner major defect
#676 WebAPI: POST /uri/cap//?t=mkdir creates directory with no name webapi, empty closed soult minor defect
#637 support "keep this much disk space free" on Windows as well as other platforms win32 easy reviewed news-done closed zooko zooko major defect
#773 organize the documentation for installation on Windows win32 review closed zooko major task
#801 Investigate Py_ssize_t behavior in wrappers for CPython < 2.5 wrapper cast closed nejucomo nejucomo minor task
#358 WUI can make an <a href> tag with no contents closed drewp minor defect
#790 thinks it is the previous version closed warner zooko major defect
#900 Fix 'local variable is assigned to but not used' warnings from pyflakes closed somebody davidsarah minor defect

Resolution: duplicate (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#274 Present a friendly error message for invalid caps, instead of a stack trace. cap ui wui usability newurls error closed nejucomo major defect
#838 some sort of timing-related test failures on François's ARM box test arm reliability closed somebody zooko major defect
#866 HTML-formatted exceptions shouldn't be output by CLI commands usability error closed davidsarah major defect
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