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#1525 SFTP: handle download failures correctly; remove use of IFinishableConsumer sftp hang error streaming performance blocker closed warner davidsarah critical defect
#1721 introducer: WrapV1SubscriberInV2Interface instance has no attribute 'tracker' introducer regression closed warner killyourtv critical defect
#1732 consider changes to webapi "Move" API before release forward-compatibility blocker closed somebody warner critical enhancement
#1945 WUI regression: Welcome page doesn't display on client-only nodes due to _node_key not being present. wui regression blocker test-needed closed warner daira critical defect
#166 command line order is problematic security usability unix mac error reviewed closed warner zandr major defect
#443 set ETag on immutable directories, short-circuit on cache hit etag performance news-needed closed warner warner major enhancement
#466 extendable Introducer protocol: dictionary-based, signed announcements introduction forward-compatibility performance accounting ecdsa pycryptopp closed warner warner major enhancement
#860 Hiding introducer and helper furls and other private info reported by a node on its web interface privacy security wui helper introducer anti-censorship review-needed closed davidsarah major defect
#974 provide user-friendly error message if the CLI can't connect to the gateway usability easy error closed warner zooko major defect
#1143 Double Encoding in HTML in File Names in WUI easy wui html closed davidsarah chrisp major defect
#1240 remove ResponseCache in favour of MDMFSlotReadProxy's cache mutable cache reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1298 WUI cannot handle non-ASCII node nicknames unicode wui closed davidsarah zooko major defect
#1396 writing an incident flogfile (via foolscap 0.6.0/1) tries to use characters not valid in a Windows filename (':') windows error incident logging foolscap regression closed somebody davidsarah major defect
#1484 CLI: overzealous quoting of error messages error quoting escaping regression usability reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1643 presence of MDMF in aliases break the CLI < v1.9.0 versioning forward-compatibility backward-compatibility mutable mdmf aliases error review-needed closed daira zooko major defect
#1679 Nondeterministic NoSharesError for direct CHK download in 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 download cache closed nejucomo nejucomo major defect
#1767 update Announcement "timestamp": sequence number? forward-compatibility introduction time blocker closed warner warner major enhancement
#1802 make new introducer furls unguessable introducer furl security easy forward-compatibility closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1932 release 1.10.0 release blocker closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1457 WUI: inconsistent naming of 'Recent Uploads and Downloads' and 'Operational Statistics' pages usability aesthetics wui easy closed zooko davidsarah normal defect
#1579 Patch to Add "Move" Functionality to Web Interface move webapi closed amiller marcusw normal enhancement
#1658 drop support for Python < 2.6 packaging backward-compatibility review-needed closed zooko zooko normal enhancement
#1693 flogtool doesn't get automatically provided doc packaging usability logging review-needed closed warner zooko normal defect
#1713 redesigned welcome page wui welcome aesthetics html standards review-needed closed davidsarah tarcieri normal enhancement
#1735 the banner on the Welcome page saying that a helper is not configured should not be red welcome wui aesthetics usability easy reviewed closed zooko davidsarah normal defect
#1746 write test for anti-Ubuntu-crash-reporter exception-catching code cli ubuntu apport usability error reviewed closed davidsarah ChosenOne normal defect
#1758 tahoe check on LIT produces KeyError check deep-check lit immutable error reviewed closed davidsarah kmarkley86 normal defect
#1761 Insufficient documentation about how to administer the convergence secret. docs convergence usability easy reviewed closed warner nejucomo normal defect
#1771 bump Twisted requirement to >= 11.0 to avoid twisted#411 and twisted#4395 twisted packaging sftp cloud-backend review-needed egg-needed closed warner davidsarah normal defect
#1773 check/test/update claim about compatibility with old clients and servers in relnotes.txt relnotes docs backward-compatibility closed warner davidsarah normal defect
#1775 u"py3 not supported" idiom will break in Python 3.3 python3 error closed davidsarah davidsarah normal defect
#1777 cleanups to backupdb tests test cleanup closed warner zooko normal enhancement
#1783 tahoe cp --verbose progress messages show double the actual number of files tahoe-cp closed davidsarah davidsarah normal defect
#1785 type error in ServerMap.copy? typeerror mutable closed warner davidsarah normal defect
#1805 tahoe cp verbose counts from 0 to n-1 of n reviewed closed ChosenOne normal defect
#1860 expansion of %(uri)s in when_done parameter using Python's % operator is ill-advised webapi closed David-Sarah Hopwood <david-sarah@…> davidsarah normal defect
#1908 drop the darcsver egg git darcsver packaging cleanup setuptools closed zooko davidsarah normal defect
#1915 helper.rst doc is out of date helper docs config reviewed closed davidsarah zooko normal defect
#1922 Test of html Encoding After GET Fails wui html test closed mk.fg Zancas normal defect
#1372 clarify help for 'tahoe put --mutable' tahoe-put mutable usability help docs easy closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#1405 python --help-commands raises exception packaging setuptools docs closed zooko zooko minor defect
#1477 reformatting and minor corrections to webapi.rst; remove a reference to the test grid docs webapi closed daira davidsarah minor enhancement
#1781 default maximum-immutable-share-size is probably off-by-one immutable easy closed warner davidsarah minor defect
#1804 poor error reporting when a dependency can't be imported: Warning: version number None found for dependency 'pyopenssl' (imported from None) could not be parsed. packaging error closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#1812 parse_abbreviated_size doesn't accept T for terabytes (and other quibbles with the regex it uses) reserved_space storage error usability needs-review closed warner davidsarah minor defect
#1839 tahoe ls --help message lacks an argument! tahoe-ls cli help usability closed davidsarah Zancas minor defect

Resolution: duplicate (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#937 'tahoe run' doesn't work for an introducer node docs introducer tahoe-run review-needed closed davidsarah Bryan Larsen major defect
#1295 code cleanup: stop using IFinishableConsumer in cleanup sftp twisted closed davidsarah davidsarah normal defect
#1926 Failed to load application: cannot import name IFinishableConsumer sftp twisted IFinishableConsumer closed bsd normal defect
#1564 DeprecationWarning in against Twisted >11.0 sftp deprecation twisted closed davidsarah warner minor defect
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