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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#20 unit tests take too long warner defect major code unknown
#26 introducer doesn't seem to forget about old peers, or peers don't forget about old peers warner defect major code-network 0.6.0
#45 trac can't search for patch author name somebody defect major dev-infrastructure
#79 make check-memory is broken warner defect major code 0.4.0
#115 update webapi docs for distributed dirnodes warner enhancement major code 0.4.0
#123 "text/plain" link uses double filename= query arg warner defect major code-frontend-web 0.6.1
#183 file upload timestamps somebody defect major code 0.6.1
#184 trac doesn't send e-mails warner defect major dev-infrastructure
#186 test grid graphs aren't being updated warner defect major dev-infrastructure 0.6.1
#248 better automation of management of the "root director(ies)" enhancement major code-frontend 0.7.0
#255 FUSE integration doesn't have automated tests nejucomo defect major code-frontend 0.7.0
#256 buildbot no longer shows version stamps on waterfall display zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 0.7.0
#267 add modify-mutable-slot performance test warner task major code-performance 0.7.0
#281 buildslaves for pycryptopp zooko enhancement major dev-infrastructure 0.7.0
#290 pycryptopp appears to have problems with amd64 linux systems (or gcc 4.1.3). nobody defect major unknown 0.7.0
#293 make optional random-key vs. content-hash key zooko enhancement major code-encoding 0.7.0
#298 making compressed tarballs the distutils way warner enhancement major packaging 0.7.0
#334 pycryptopp: some features require more careful linking than Ubuntu Gutsy default build provides zooko defect major code 0.8.0
#352 check-deps doesn't tell you about Crypto++ somebody defect major packaging 0.9.0
#353 deb-gutsy fails in install_scripts, usr/bin not created somebody defect major packaging 0.9.0
#356 make test-figleaf doesn't work on Mac OS X zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 0.9.0
#360 make check-deps "appears" to fail somebody defect major packaging 0.9.0
#435 automate testing of large files somebody defect major code 1.0.0
#566 host tahoe dependencies zooko enhancement major packaging 1.2.0
#999 support multiple storage backends, including amazon s3 davidsarah enhancement major code-storage n/a
#1565 URL formats for HTTP-based storage server task major code-storage 1.9.0b1
#1638 S3 backend: Upload of large files consumes memory > twice the size of the file defect major code-storage cloud-branch
#1546 pass arbitrary options to twistd through the "tahoe" command-line enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.0a2
#1792 make Tahoe-LAFS work under PyPy defect normal packaging 1.9.2
#2709 Magic Folder: update Operational Statistics page to take account of renames daira defect normal code-frontend-web n/a
#2766 remove unnecessary dependencies GitHub <noreply@…> task normal packaging 1.11.0
#2800 make OS-X travis tests run faster task normal code 1.11.0
#2811 coverage: replace run_trial with "python -m twisted.trial" task normal code 1.11.0
#2903 appveyor "artifacts" aren't correctly named daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#7 win32 Windows WinXP Vista buildslaves zandr task minor dev-infrastructure
#33 add private storage faried enhancement minor code-frontend-web 0.6.0
#74 Confusing UI Terminology: "Add Shared Directory" nejucomo defect minor code-frontend-web 0.4.0
#94 deleting nameless file confounds somebody defect minor code-frontend-web 0.4.0
#117 webapi for metadata in vdrive enhancement minor code-frontend-web 0.5.0
#132 peer selection could be more uniform warner defect minor code-peerselection 0.5.1
#138 profiling zooko enhancement minor code 0.6.1
#176 missing freeform-default.css -- nevow install error? warner defect minor packaging 0.6.1
#189 Naive user needs table of contents or index for Install Readme arch_o_median enhancement minor packaging 0.6.1
#230 wanted: buildslave that uses a Microsoft compiler somebody enhancement minor dev-infrastructure 0.7.0
#234 nice UI for creation of private directory zooko enhancement minor code-frontend-web 0.7.0
#238 make the slowest buildslaves faster zandr enhancement minor dev-infrastructure 0.7.0
#388 Debian changelog is not up to date esteve defect minor packaging 1.0.0
#408 install.html does not list twisted as a dependency. somebody defect minor documentation 1.0.0
#1549 use new feature of Twisted to pass tempdir explicitly to twisted.web.http defect minor code-network 1.9.0a2
#2239 remove unmaintained tahoesvc and pkgresutil zooko defect minor code 1.10.0
#214 makefiles which require GNU make should be named "GNUmakefile" warner defect trivial packaging 0.7.0
#297 In How To Install Doc "twisted" sumo doesn't make clear to the naive user what "kind" of twisted to get. somebody defect trivial website 0.7.0

Resolution: invalid (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#769 have buildslaves automatically build debian packages of foolscap, zfec, pycryptopp, pyutil, argparse, zbase32 nobody defect critical packaging 1.4.1
#38 state machine diagrams, data flow diagrams somebody enhancement major documentation 0.6.0
#240 shares not uploaded to a server? zooko defect major code 0.6.1
#319 debugging trac -- is this ticket renderable? defect major code-frontend 0.8.0
#338 windows-exe requirement check robk enhancement major packaging 0.8.0
#351 trigger deb builders on darcs tags somebody defect major dev-infrastructure 0.9.0
#429 zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 1.0.0
#522 mac buildslave produces builds lacking pycrypto nobody defect major packaging 1.2.0
#659 rusty dusty server fails on tests arch_o_median defect major code 1.3.0
#673 drop package with 2004 ISA FIREWALL nobody defect major unknown 1.3.0
#781 wanted: Windows Packaging Master somebody enhancement major packaging 1.5.0
#785 lenny (onwards) packages should depend on python-pysqlite2 not python-sqlite2 zooko defect major packaging 1.5.0
#1874 Non-Repudiation Not covered in Integrity Narendiran defect major code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#88 uploading a directory causes a brief dirnode exception warner defect minor code 0.4.0
#122 does github webhook report tags? do they trigger the buildbot? warner defect minor dev-infrastructure 0.5.0

Resolution: wontfix (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#331 add DSA to pycryptopp - serialize pubkeys with less fluff zooko defect critical code-mutable 0.8.0
#27 twistd doesn't daemonize on windows nobody defect major code-nodeadmin 0.7.0
#47 use pyutil as a separate package and contribute src/allmydata/util/* into pyutil zooko enhancement major packaging 0.6.1
#193 pauses during streaming music at a party defect major code-encoding 0.6.1
#209 solaris needs setrlimit code to increase max file descriptors zooko defect major code-network 0.7.0
#216 mutable files: pre-generate public keys in the background enhancement major code-encoding 0.6.1
#227 our automated memory measurements might be measuring the wrong thing zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 0.7.0
#253 everything stalls after abrupt disconnect warner defect major code-network 0.7.0
#260 automatic freshening of version number zooko enhancement major packaging 0.7.0
#269 client should handle migrated shares by updating the write-enabler defect major code-storage 0.7.0
#300 macfuse: need some sort of caching robk defect major code-frontend 0.7.0
#376 locale-bug in the SMB (WinFUSE) frontend defect major code-frontend 1.0.0
#423 stdeb: use stdeb on tahoe itself zooko enhancement major packaging 1.0.0
#425 set up buildslave for Windows SMB (WinFUSE) frontend ndurner task major packaging 1.0.0
#497 we should sign the .debs published through our APT repository somebody task major dev-infrastructure 1.2.0
#621 Incorporate fuse tests into buildbot flow nejucomo defect major code-frontend 1.3.0
#684 let client specify the encryption key warner enhancement major code-encoding 1.4.1
#894 blackmatch fuse doesn't know what to think about immutable directories defect major contrib 1.5.0
#908 Make all test_runner tests work on cygwin davidsarah defect major code 1.5.0
#1086 servers should attempt to open connections to clients enhancement major code-network 1.7β
#1472 buildbot is unable to delete directories under _trial_temp* that have non-ASCII names under Windows somebody defect major dev-infrastructure 1.8.2
#1430 Magic Folder on Linux: handle inotify queue overflow correctly daira defect normal code-frontend-magic-folder 1.8.2
#2211 cloud backend: broken test of MS Azure container defect normal code-storage cloud-branch
#2745 importing pycryptopp fails due to undefined symbol daira defect normal packaging 1.10.2
#86 add a check block to the front of the plaintext, to verify the correct key nobody enhancement minor code-encoding 0.6.0
#191 The Setuptools Way Section in the Readme Makes Unsupportable Assertions arch_o_median defect minor documentation 0.6.1
#1056 SFTP times will be wrong after Y2106 defect minor code-frontend 1.6.1
#1089 SFTP and FTP: support for non-UTF-8 charsets (error message "Path could not be decoded as UTF-8") nobody defect minor code-frontend 1.7.0
#1151 remove untested and unused comparison methods of util/ daira defect minor code 1.7.1
#409 "make check-deps" does not detect missing Python.h. somebody defect trivial code 1.0.0

Resolution: cannot reproduce (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#762 build of mac package fails due to pkgutil in zetuptoolz zooko defect major packaging 1.4.1
#763 build of mac package fails due to some mysterious reason (not pkgutil) zooko defect major packaging 1.4.1
#996 make it easier to build the iPhone client for a jailbroken iPhone using open-source toolchain somebody defect major packaging 1.6.0
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