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#615 Can JavaScript loaded from Tahoe access all your content which is loaded from Tahoe? assigned davidsarah critical soon code-frontend-web
#755 Allow deep-check to continue after error, and: if there is an unrecoverable subdirectory, the deep-check report (both WUI and CLI) loses other information new daira critical soon code-dirnodes
#891 web gateway memory grows without bound under load new warner critical soon code-frontend-web
#893 UCWE when mapupdate gives up too early, then server errors require replacement servers new critical soon code-mutable
#943 "tahoe mv" deleted my files? new daira critical soon code-frontend-cli
#1670 KeyError in mutable read-modify-write assigned zooko critical soon code-mutable
#1824 Tahoe process gone wild new daira critical soon code
#2222 make a FAQ describing the impact of heartbleed on Tahoe-LAFS assigned marlowe critical soon documentation
#2861 SSL handshake failure with 1.12 storage nodes over I2P new critical soon unknown
#3851 release template has wrong URL new daira critical Automate Release Process packaging
#97 reducing memory footprint in share reception assigned warner major undecided code
#127 Cap URLs leaked via HTTP Referer header assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#232 Peer selection doesn't rebalance shares on overwrite of mutable file. new warner major soon code-mutable
#270 test for interrupted writes of mutable files new zooko major soon code-mutable
#287 download: tolerate lost or missing servers new major eventually code-encoding
#296 enforce timeout on DYHB queries? new major eventually code-network
#318 wapi: test that we return 200 or 201 as appropriate new major soon code-frontend-web
#324 use POST for operations whose noun doesn't denote the same resource that a GET would denote, or that have side effects new major soon code-frontend-web
#325 flogtool scalability/performance new warner major undecided operational
#337 how does the whole system handle lots of file-upload tasks? new somebody major eventually code
#362 enhance upload to search longer and more completely for shares new kevan major undecided code-peerselection
#366 address Nathan Wilcox's concerns about "Tahoe and the browser security model" new nejucomo major eventually code-frontend-web
#371 corrupted introducer.furl causes subtle startup breakage new major eventually code-nodeadmin
#390 'readonly_storage' and 'reserved_space' not honored for mutable-slot write requests new major eventually code-storage
#406 end-to-end encoding self-test assigned zooko major eventually code-encoding
#414 profiling on directory unpacking new zooko major eventually code-dirnodes
#437 automatically schedule tests of large files new somebody major eventually dev-infrastructure
#462 PUT should elicit 100 Continue new major soon code-frontend-web
#471 servermap update chart doesn't fit new major eventually code-frontend-web
#474 uncaught exception in mutable-retrieve: UCW between mapupdate and retrieve new major soon code-mutable
#480 mutable storage-server API needs a way to refuse shares new major undecided code-mutable
#492 mutable files: add ciphertext hash tree to signature block new zooko major eventually code-mutable
#500 what happens if you run out of sequence numbers in mutable files new major undecided code-mutable
#501 NotMutableError (now NotWriteableError) escaping into the twistd.log assigned davidsarah major undecided code-encoding
#512 FTP frontend needs tests assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#521 disconnect unresponsive servers (using foolscap's disconnectTimeout) new warner major undecided code-network
#529 Implement Halt and Catch Fire new major undecided code-frontend-web
#541 remove foolscap 'reference'-token bug workaround in mutable publish new major soon code-mutable
#547 mapupdate(MODE_WRITE) triggers on a false boundary new major soon code-mutable
#548 mutable publish sends queries to servers that have already been asked new major soon code-mutable
#549 MODE_WRITE mapupdate: maybe increase epsilon to handle large batches of new servers better assigned bazuka major soon code-mutable
#554 some directory targets in wapi/wui require trailing slashes assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#562 add a "censor" command to filter out sensitive information from log files new somebody major eventually code
#563 anonymize IP addresses in log files new somebody major soon code
#568 make immutable check/verify/repair and mutable check/verify work given only a verify cap new daira major soon code-frontend-web
#579 report corrupted shares new major undecided code-storage
#580 repairer: upload fresh shares to replace corrupted shares new major soon code-storage
#583 repairer: test cancel, upload failure, download failure new major eventually code-storage
#584 repairer: test what happens when servers fail or hang new major eventually code-storage
#587 Web nodes provide ambient upload authority new daira major soon code-frontend-web
#589 JSON link does not work if there is a '#' character in the file name. new major eventually code-frontend-web
#605 two-hour delay to connect to a grid from Win32, if there are many storage servers unreachable assigned zooko major eventually code-network
#614 redefine "Healthy" to be "Happy" for checker/verifier/repairer new markberger major soon code-encoding
#625 Can't repair read-only dirnodes/mutable-files assigned warner major soon code-mutable
#631 trailing spaces in filenames break the WUI rename function new major soon code-frontend-web
#651 handle MemoryError by failing quickly and loudly new somebody major soon code
#655 tahoewapi demo tree-view.html always recurses to ro_uri in children. new nejucomo major undecided contrib
#671 bring back sizelimit (i.e. max consumed, not min free) new markberger major soon code-nodeadmin
#679 /storage emitting exception - lease reporting code assigned davidsarah major undecided code-frontend-web
#682 FTP frontend should support Unicode filenames encoded as UTF-8 assigned francois major soon code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#683 handle arbitrary URIs in directories new major undecided code-dirnodes
#685 [needs test] Capability of interrupted downloads is logged in twistd.log new somebody major soon code
#686 Search for lost share resulted in a directory popping up at unexpected place assigned daira major soon code-frontend-web
#687 too many "false alarms" in incident reporting new somebody major eventually code
#699 rebalance during repair or upload assigned davidsarah major soon code-peerselection
#719 Making requests too soon after startup can fail new major soon code-frontend
#720 Changing web server address breaks CLI new major undecided code-frontend-cli
#723 helper: client should verify ciphertext hashes and UEB new daira major soon code-encoding
#731 what to do with filenames that are illegal on some systems new major eventually code-dirnodes
#753 use longer storage index / cap for collision resistance new major undecided code-encoding
#766 repair results Summary field says "Unhealthy" even though it is healthy after the repair, if it was unhealthy before assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#782 connection lost during "tahoe backup" new andrej major undecided code-network
#812 server-side crawlers: tolerate corrupted shares, verify shares new warner major undecided code-storage
#821 A script in a file viewed through the WUI can obtain the file's read cap assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#822 Web API should use a more reliable, out-of-band means of reporting errors (such as a server connection being lost) during a download new major soon code-frontend-web
#823 WUI server should have a disallow-all robots.txt new major undecided code-frontend-web
#826 Rename action in WUI has no confirmation for clobbering another entry new major soon code-frontend-web
#827 Put file download links ('?save=true') in WUI directory listings assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#841 Support localization by eliminating hardcoded English strings new somebody major eventually code
#846 allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_mutable sometimes hangs on a slow machine assigned zooko major soon code-mutable
#849 Tahoe cp command refuses to copy remote files to a local directory that contains special files new major soon code-frontend-cli
#857 Make operation-handle-querying use only a little memory new nobody major undecided code-frontend-web
#863 unlink file with empty name through the CLI assigned davidsarah major eventually code-frontend-cli
#868 use helper to bypass NAT/firewall new major undecided code-network
#870 Prevent socket hijacking on OSes that don't prevent it by default (Windows) assigned davidsarah major eventually code-network
#871 handle out-of-disk-space condition new somebody major soon code
#873 upload: tolerate lost or unacceptably slow servers new kevan major eventually code-encoding
#882 Tahoe URIs and gateway URLs are too long and ugly new nobody major code-encoding
#884 give nice error page when URL is mangled or from the future assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#885 Ignore space or %20 in webapi URLs assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#897 "tahoe backup" thinks "ctime" means "creation time" new warner major soon code-frontend-cli
#901 deprecate and remove BASEDIR/private/root_dir.cap assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-cli
#906 ETag support for mutable files and directories new major undecided code-frontend-web
#910 "tahoe mkdir" doesn't accept $CAP/path arguments? new major undecided code-frontend-cli
#914 tahoe backup gives a fatal BackupProcessingError if it sees a file, but the file is deleted before tahoe backs it up new nobody major soon code-frontend-cli
#915 the timers used by tahoe backup to trigger repair for unhealthy files should be configurable new major eventually code-frontend-cli
#922 The URL of the info page for an unknown dirnode should not grant authority to the containing directory assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#942 automatically url-unquote caps in CLI and WUI assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend
#944 "tahoe mv" doesn't accept just a path as the second argument? new major undecided code-frontend-cli
#951 uploads aren't cancelled by closing the web page assigned zooko major undecided code-frontend-web
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