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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#49 UPnP new enhancement minor undecided
#57 logging: compress/truncate/encode/decode/format for human readability and privacy new warner enhancement minor undecided
#107 command-line: progress indicators assigned zooko enhancement minor eventually
#112 command-line: give it default values for the final element of the pathname assigned zooko enhancement minor eventually
#114 command-line: multiple files at once assigned zooko enhancement minor undecided
#215 maybe remove "string containing slash-separated names" APIs new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#236 measure the effect of a more memory-local zfec variant on a webapi server new zooko enhancement minor undecided
#275 need more reliable way to determine when introducer is ready when started from a script (than polling for creation of introducer.furl) new somebody defect minor undecided
#525 include platform of each remote peer in the welcome page's known-servers table reopened enhancement minor undecided
#560 use validation metadata from other servers to validate this server's data? new enhancement minor undecided
#765 duplication of version and nickname-and-nodeid code in the wui new enhancement minor undecided
#813 string exception raised to web renderer? new somebody defect minor undecided
#816 Add ping-all-servers button to welcome page new enhancement minor eventually
#1052 "tahoe backup": report EnvironmentError more precisely assigned davidsarah defect minor soon
#1078 timestamps: localizable format and timezone new somebody defect minor eventually
#1091 give clearer names to the "create a directory" buttons assigned Lcstyle enhancement minor soon
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure new warner defect minor soon
#1101 some CLI commands accept "--verbose", other don't new defect minor undecided
#1133 don't claim to provide better semantics of timestamps than Python claims to provide new somebody defect minor undecided
#1236 contribute to programmers outside of the Tahoe-LAFS project new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#1342 rename tests of packaging and improve them to avoid spurious system-dependent test failures assigned davidsarah enhancement minor soon
#1443 use exocet instead of the builtin Python module loader new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#1461 stop writing small shares in old V1 share format new zancas enhancement minor soon
#1482 change the hostname in the version strings from new somebody defect minor undecided
#1516 don't catch and ignore EnvironmentError when trying to get disk stats assigned davidsarah defect minor soon
#1774 exception in twistd.log from web parser new defect minor undecided
#1782 move docs/proposed to the wiki assigned marlowe enhancement minor soon
#1820 standard host metadata new enhancement minor undecided
#1968 always use assertutil for assertions new defect minor undecided
#170 package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora new ruben enhancement normal soon
#1171 add regression test for shnums: "e,r,r,o,r" reopened warner defect normal soon
#1332 fails to start up on readonly filesystem when it tried to rmdir the incoming directory new zancas defect normal soon
#1375 the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable new tarcieri defect normal undecided
#1378 per-server timings of immutable uploads new somebody defect normal soon
#1386 KeyError: 'file' if the local file is removed after selection and before Submit new daira defect normal soon
#1419 when you get write-access to a directory, it comes with a "suggested added convergence secret" new enhancement normal undecided
#1548 separate configuration from instantiation of Client instance new zooko enhancement normal soon
#1691 occasional long delay using trac search function new somebody defect normal undecided
#1694 package client and server separately new somebody enhancement normal undecided
#1723 tahoe backup --help (for example) implies that you have to use aliases new zancas defect normal undecided
#1726 new visualizer needs labels with units new warner defect normal soon
#1727 New Visualizer has layout bug where serverids and other things scribble over each other new warner defect normal soon
#1728 add link to docs/frontends/download-status.rst from the download status page assigned Lcstyle enhancement normal soon
#1763 NoServersError raised to user new defect normal undecided
#1766 add --range option to "tahoe get" new enhancement normal undecided
#1794 upload failed -- "I/O operation on closed file" new defect normal undecided
#1809 WUI: upload to directory fails due to no file name new defect normal undecided
#1821 show full, explorable details about check and repair operations new enhancement normal eventually
#1823 is this server telling me over foolscap that its foolscap connection to me just broke? new defect normal undecided
#1832 support indefinite leases with garbage collection new enhancement normal undecided
#1833 storage server deletes garbage shares itself instead of waiting for crawler to notice them new enhancement normal undecided
#1834 stop using share crawler for anything except constructing a leasedb new defect normal undecided
#1835 stop grovelling the whole storage backend looking for externally-added shares to add a lease to new enhancement normal undecided
#1837 remove the "override lease duration" feature new defect normal undecided
#1846 add "started" timestamp on the current operations on Recent Uploads and Downloads new defect normal undecided
#1849 report maximum-immutable-share-size correctly in light of filesystem limits new defect normal undecided
#1851 new immutable file upload protocol: streaming, fewer round-trips, quota-respecting new enhancement normal undecided
#1856 add a command-line command for "generate an incident report" new enhancement normal undecided
#1864 turn off the AUTOINCREMENT feature in our use of sqlite? new zooko enhancement normal soon
#1890 submit proposal for restrict-referrer-leakage to the CSP standardizers and implementors assigned davidsarah task normal soon
#1893 don't do lease-renewal automatically new enhancement normal undecided
#1900 a cli method of seeing the connected servers/clients new enhancement normal undecided
#1902 WUI: "Download a file" should error on directory assigned Lcstyle defect normal soon
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI reopened zooko enhancement normal soon
#1905 add diagram of current tahoe-lafs protocol assigned davidsarah enhancement normal soon
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page new drewp enhancement normal undecided
#1913 unlink many children from a directory at once new enhancement normal undecided
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover new defect normal undecided
#1937 back up the content of a file even if the content changes without changing mtime new defect normal undecided
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent new secor enhancement normal soon
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" new enhancement normal undecided
#1965 FTP/SFTP: report malformed cap at login instead of use-time new enhancement normal undecided
#1967 make new WUI work on phone new defect normal undecided
#1975 remove the last use of notifyOnDisconnect, in server selection new defect normal soon
#1998 don't let "Calling Stale Broke" trigger an incident -- that's a false alarm new warner defect normal undecided
#1999 confusing error message when (S)FTP accounts file has malformed URL new defect normal undecided
#2018 padding to hide the size of plaintexts new nejucomo enhancement normal undecided
#2053 make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer than the period new daira enhancement normal undecided
#2062 what happens if a "tahoe backup" process is in progress when another one is started? new defect normal undecided
#2070 WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"? new defect normal undecided
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default new warner enhancement normal soon
#2081 bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp" new defect normal undecided
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! new defect normal soon
#2097 deprecate FTP in favor of SFTP? new daira defect normal soon
#2101 improve error messages from failed uploads new daira defect normal soon
#2107 don't place shares on servers that already have shares new enhancement normal undecided
#2108 uploader should keep trying other servers if its initially-chosen servers fail during the "scan" phase new daira defect normal soon
#2110 uploader confuses self-write-dedup with "server is full" new markberger defect normal undecided
#2138 file formatting conventions for text files in our source repo new zooko enhancement normal undecided
#2205 "--help" text confuses dircaps with aliases new CyberAxe defect normal undecided
#2226 add doc about literal caps in performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2227 "format=mutable" in the web API new enhancement normal undecided
#2228 add directory operations to performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2241 exception when trying to attach file to trac ticket new defect normal undecided
#2250 don't re-use metadata from earlier snapshots, in a "tahoe backup" new defect normal soon
#2302 update the Content-Disposition and filename stuff for modern standards and practice new defect normal soon
#2307 make user-oriented error message for malformed furls new defect normal undecided
#2342 Too many open files new defect normal undecided
#2352 dead code/bug in error-handling in mutable.layout.MDMFSlotWriteProxy._write new defect normal undecided
#2373 adopt pyrsistent new enhancement normal undecided
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