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#755 Allow deep-check to continue after error, and: if there is an unrecoverable subdirectory, the deep-check report (both WUI and CLI) loses other information usability error tahoe-check wui verify repair new daira defect critical
#277 make the wui show the underlying LAFS model -- one WUI page per link in LAFS newurls wui usability new zooko enhancement major
#413 mutable files: expose version info to HTTP clients mutable integrity versioning webapi wui new enhancement major
#468 design+build the Usage/Aggregator service accounting wui new enhancement major
#471 servermap update chart doesn't fit wui usability new defect major
#568 make immutable check/verify/repair and mutable check/verify work given only a verify cap confidentiality verify repair usability tahoe-check wui anti-censorship excess-authority new daira defect major
#589 JSON link does not work if there is a '#' character in the file name. encoding wui names new defect major
#622 add a 'repair' button on the webapi checker results page repair verify easy usability wui assigned Lcstyle enhancement major
#631 trailing spaces in filenames break the WUI rename function wui usability names new defect major
#655 tahoewapi demo tree-view.html always recurses to ro_uri in children. wui usability new nejucomo defect major
#674 controlled access to your WUI wui confidentiality privacy anti-censorship websec new nobody enhancement major
#719 Making requests too soon after startup can fail download upload check repair usability error wui availability reliability new defect major
#855 Make tahoe webopen without arguments show the tahoe: alias, if there is one wui usability tahoe-webopen new enhancement major
#884 give nice error page when URL is mangled or from the future usability newurls forward-compatibility wui error assigned davidsarah defect major
#942 automatically url-unquote caps in CLI and WUI usability newurls cli wui assigned davidsarah defect major
#951 uploads aren't cancelled by closing the web page usability upload large wui ophandle assigned zooko defect major
#995 It's way too easy to give away write directory caps wui jsui usability confidentiality capleak websec new nobody defect major
#997 The webapi/WUI should have https enabled by default confidentiality wui webapi capleak new nobody defect major
#1008 Unhandled error conditions disclose detailed information wui security privacy anonymity logging error anti-censorship new defect major
#1142 Unlikely XSS Potential in File Names in WUI security xss html names wui new nobody defect major
#1144 Loopy/Uninhibited/Overlarge Filename Makes Web Server Crump security names wui new nobody defect major
#1169 update documentation for the download status page doc immutable download wui usability easy new warner defect major
#1173 cancelled downloads are marked incorrectly on the Recent Uploads/Downloads page immutable download wui unfinished-business regression more-info-needed assigned zooko defect major
#1278 gateway won't serve any page; variety of interesting error messages in twistd.log reliability availability error hang heisenbug wui anti-censorship test-needed new somebody defect major
#1369 allow static HTML files to be transcluded into WUI Welcome and directory listing pages wui welcomepage static html ostrom new defect major
#1434 DYHB requests misrendered in download visualization aesthetics usability transparency download wui statistics performance unfinished-business new warner defect major
#1436 web interface using wrong address / port number when doing ssh port forwarding ssh port forwarding redirect wui new defect major
#1462 add legend to Recent Uploads and Downloads page, explain LIT upload download usability statistics wui easy docs new T_X defect major
#1499 when you create a mutable file in the WUI you should get a nice user interface page back usability wui mutable new enhancement major
#1502 WUI: make type field more regular, and show SDMF vs MDMF wui usability mdmf new defect major
#1551 WUI: the Upload results page should have both view and download links usability wui new defect major
#1588 I want to trigger backups through the WUI. backup wui usability new enhancement major
#1639 'Return to file/directory' link from file check results gives an error wui error assigned davidsarah defect major
#1647 errors should include a timestamp and/or request ID so that they can be correlated with server logs error time usability wui cli assigned davidsarah defect major
#1797 WUI: view content in an HTML5 sandboxed iframe wui security usability javascript sandbox same-origin websec new defect major
#1798 Segregate gateway HTTP ports: one for raw bytes and one for generated WUI pages wui same-origin security capleak new freddyb defect major
#1203 /storage is insufficiently verbose when no crawl running leases wui usability new nobody defect normal
#1375 the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable usability docs easy performance ostrom upload download statistics wui new tarcieri defect normal
#1378 per-server timings of immutable uploads usability transparency upload wui new somebody defect normal
#1492 introducer status page is ugly usability wui aesthetics unfinished-business new defect normal
#1535 Allow restricting Tahoe-LAFS gateway to one user by supporting Unix sockets wui cli socket unix security confidentiality integrity capleak new enhancement normal
#1645 UnrecoverableFileError HTML message should include a link to check the file usability wui error new enhancement normal
#1706 The "Report!" button in the "Report an Incident" form field redirects to a misleading/incomplete message WUI incident gatherer UX UI report new zancas defect normal
#1709 order nodes by nickname instead of peerid on the welcome page wui welcome usability new enhancement normal
#1727 New Visualizer has layout bug where serverids and other things scribble over each other usability wui download docs visualizer aesthetics new warner defect normal
#1728 add link to docs/frontends/download-status.rst from the download status page download usability docs wui easy assigned Lcstyle enhancement normal
#1809 WUI: upload to directory fails due to no file name wui upload konqueror new defect normal
#1889 allmydata.mutable.common.NotEnoughServersError does not produce a "humanized" failure message mutable error wui new defect normal
#1902 WUI: "Download a file" should error on directory usability wui assigned Lcstyle defect normal
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI usability wui wapi docs forward-compatibility reopened zooko enhancement normal
#1931 WUI: niggles in the new Welcome page welcome wui aesthetics usability unfinished-business new daira defect normal
#1967 make new WUI work on phone wui aesthetics usability phone new defect normal
#1997 Eventually remove disconnected nodes from Welcome page display node introducer wui welcome aesthetics new daira enhancement normal
#2003 put nickname in <title> wui usability assigned daira enhancement normal
#2036 accept trailing slashes on directory cap URIs usability cli wui new defect normal
#2040 mutable files: expose test-and-set operations to HTTP clients mutable versioning test-and-set webapi wui new daira defect normal
#2070 WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"? wui usability doc mutable upload new defect normal
#2073 Wrong ports are reported for connected nodes wui tub port foolscap firewall new defect normal
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default wui usability doc directories mdmf forward-compatibility easy brians-opinion-needed new warner enhancement normal
#2093 State-mutating GET methods in webapi. wui webapi documentation new daira defect normal
#2136 Use Content-Security-Policy to harden the WUI csp wui security xss javascript new daira defect normal
#2142 How to enhance WebUI default security against capability eavesdropping? websec confidentiality privacy wui webapi docs new amontero enhancement normal
#2143 Adding aliases to the WUI wui, alias new daira enhancement normal
#2225 allow themeing of WUI wui aesthetics new enhancement normal
#2401 authentication via proxy breaks "tahoe backup" authentication wui webapi http websec new defect normal
#2402 serve static files under a common URL static wui websec assigned daira enhancement normal
#3609 Manual quoting/escaping is scattered ad hoc throughout the web code wui new defect normal
#3610 and allmydata.web.operations.ReloadMixin are basically the same wui new defect normal
#525 include platform of each remote peer in the welcome page's known-servers table wui usability transparency welcomepage reopened enhancement minor
#1078 timestamps: localizable format and timezone i18n time usability welcome directory-page wui new somebody defect minor
#1560 POST /uri?t=upload should give Upload Results consistently (even mutable) usability wui mutable upload new defect minor
#2797 explain two timestamps on WUI server listings wui easy new defect minor
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