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#467 allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for uploads availability preservation cache anti-censorship placement backend rollback add-only new leif enhancement major
#947 Add file-with-metadata caps newcaps newurls mutable immutable metadata rollback assigned davidsarah enhancement major
#955 use client-side storage to defend against rollback attack integrity newcaps rollback new enhancement major
#956 embed security metadata in parent directory mutable newcaps newurls metadata forward-compatibility rollback revocation new enhancement major
#957 embed security metadata in URL newcaps newurls integrity redirect rollback new somebody enhancement major
#958 LAFS 301 Moved Permanently forward-compatibility backward-compatibility integrity newcaps newurls http sftp ftpd smb availability security revocation rollback research new enhancement major
#1907 Tor over Tahoe-LAFS mutable tor-protocol privacy rollback performance joke new enhancement normal
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