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#891 web gateway memory grows without bound under load reliability scalability memory new warner defect critical
#1824 Tahoe process gone wild hang repair memory new daira defect critical
#54 port memory usage tests to windows windows memory performance test assigned davidsarah enhancement major
#97 reducing memory footprint in share reception performance memory upload large assigned warner defect major
#113 command-line: do things in an incremental fashion and accept stdin as input tahoe-put http streaming memory assigned zooko enhancement major
#152 build "sharing slots" / use mutable files as primitives for sharing messages performance newcaps revocation new enhancement major
#173 How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks? scalability upload performance memory new somebody enhancement major
#203 add deep-copy function to web API usability performance webdav new enhancement major
#204 "virtual CDs" dirnodes newcaps performance random-access space-efficiency tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#217 Ed25519-based mutable files -- fast file creation, possibly smaller URLs mutable crypto newcaps performance research assigned zooko enhancement major
#235 scale up to many nodes scalability memory performance openssl leastauthority new enhancement major
#287 download: tolerate lost or missing servers download availability performance test hang anti-censorship new defect major
#296 enforce timeout on DYHB queries? upload-helper performance hang new defect major
#316 add caching to tahoe proper? cache performance fuse smb preservation new somebody enhancement major
#320 add streaming (on-line) upload to HTTP interface streaming performance upload fuse webdav twisted reliability http assigned zooko enhancement major
#325 flogtool scalability/performance logging scalability performance memory new warner defect major
#327 performance measurement of directories test performance scalability large assigned zooko enhancement major
#337 how does the whole system handle lots of file-upload tasks? scalability performance upload new somebody defect major
#344 more client-vs-server refactoring: servers-only shouldn't subscribe to storage announcements introduction performance p2p new enhancement major
#362 enhance upload to search longer and more completely for shares upload performance new kevan defect major
#383 large directories take a long time to modify dirnode performance newcaps new enhancement major
#394 mutable publish: add timing charts to measure RTT performance statistics new task major
#395 why are so many helper files being abandoned? upload-helper space-efficiency new somebody task major
#414 profiling on directory unpacking performance new zooko defect major
#444 reduce number of active connections: connect-on-demand performance scalability memory new enhancement major
#447 explore improved peer-selection approaches: chord, reliability-based preservation scalability new enhancement major
#453 safely add plaintext_hash to immutable UEB integrity newcaps performance new enhancement major
#464 evaluate different share-storage schemes performance statistics scalability backend new task major
#465 add a mutable-file cache performance cache mutable confidentiality memory new enhancement major
#484 client feedback channel performance statistics logging new somebody enhancement major
#543 repair/rebalancing service performance repair new enhancement major
#548 mutable publish sends queries to servers that have already been asked mutable availability upload ucwe performance new defect major
#595 get the immutable file hash of a file without uploading it performance usability new somebody enhancement major
#605 two-hour delay to connect to a grid from Win32, if there are many storage servers unreachable windows performance hang introduction assigned zooko defect major
#610 upload should take better advantage of existing shares upload verify preservation performance space-efficiency servers-of-happiness new kevan enhancement major
#613 sometimes a helper hurts instead of helping (if you need to upload less than K shares) upload repair helper performance bandwidth new enhancement major
#614 redefine "Healthy" to be "Happy" for checker/verifier/repairer upload repair verify preservation performance docs unfinished-business servers-of-happiness new markberger defect major
#651 handle MemoryError by failing quickly and loudly error memory ucwe logging new somebody defect major
#654 make the storage index be the verifier cap newcaps verify integrity performance new enhancement major
#658 "tahoe cp" should avoid full upload/download when the destination already exists (using backupdb and/or plaintext hashes) backupdb tahoe-cp usability newcaps performance new enhancement major
#678 converge same file, same K, different N newcaps space-efficiency performance research new enhancement major
#685 [needs test] Capability of interrupted downloads is logged in twistd.log logging memory privacy confidentiality test-needed new somebody defect major
#700 have servers publish Bloom filter of which shares they have performance repair new enhancement major
#711 repair to different levels of N repair preservation space-efficiency newcaps research new enhancement major
#752 speed up directories more performance new enhancement major
#793 using removable disk as a storage backend bandwidth performance migration placement preservation storage removable backend sneakernet new enhancement major
#809 Measure how segment size affects upload/download speed. easy performance upload download statistics new warner enhancement major
#836 use mkdir-with-children or set-children in "tahoe cp [-r]" tahoe-cp performance assigned daira enhancement major
#845 "tahoe backup" and HFS+ OS-level immutable directories: copying Time Machine backups performance tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#857 Make operation-handle-querying use only a little memory memory performance ophandles large new nobody defect major
#869 Allow Tahoe filesystem to be run over a different key-value-store / DHT implementation scalability performance forward-compatibility backward-compatibility availability newcaps docs anti-censorship new nobody enhancement major
#872 Adjust the probability of selecting a node according to its storage capacity (or other fitness measure) performance scalability space-efficiency preservation bandwidth new davidsarah enhancement major
#873 upload: tolerate lost or unacceptably slow servers upload preservation availability performance hang error new kevan defect major
#905 gather information about historical server performance performance statistics new enhancement major
#906 ETag support for mutable files and directories etag performance mutable new defect major
#932 benchmark Tahoe-LAFS compared to nosql dbs scalability performance large assigned bibilthaysose enhancement major
#940 display space-usage configs, space used, space available for your storage server statistics transparency space-efficiency new enhancement major
#946 upload should succeed as soon as the servers-of-happiness criterion is met performance upload availability servers-of-happiness new nobody enhancement major
#994 support precompressed files compression space-efficiency performance bandwidth security integrity backward-compatibility new somebody enhancement major
#1018 backup manager task (inside the node) backup performance usability new enhancement major
#1029 download a subtree as an archive usability docs test performance unicode i18n new enhancement major
#1044 short-circuit checker/verifier behavior performance immutable verify repair new defect major
#1046 add note to performance.txt about expected memory usage docs memory performance new nobody enhancement major
#1107 "sneakernet" servers bandwidth performance migration preservation storage backend sneakernet new enhancement major
#1109 let the get_buckets() response include the first block download performance new warner enhancement major
#1110 pipeline download blocks for better performance download performance unfinished-business new nobody enhancement major
#1126 maybe have separate code paths for upload and repair performance availability cache upload new defect major
#1180 put more DYHBs into flight at once when K is larger easy immutable download performance regression new defect major
#1181 new-downloader requests too much data, builds up unfinished-business immutable download performance new defect major
#1187 mitigate the performance bottleneck of slow servers in download download performance new defect major
#1189 investigate best FUSE+sshfs options to use for performance and correctness of SFTP via sshfs sftp sshfs performance docs new bj0 defect major
#1199 document known scaling issues scalability new warner enhancement major
#1209 repair of mutable files/directories should not increment the sequence number repair mutable preservation space-efficiency assigned davidsarah defect major
#1229 Memory leak during deep-check performance reliability memory repair assigned francois defect major
#1249 There may be a memory leak in the tahoe-lafs storage server, which may or may not be related to the number of other storage servers. memory scalability assigned stott defect major
#1264 Performance regression for large values of K performance regression download new francois defect major
#1269 add tcpdump data to viz tool performance new enhancement major
#1288 support streaming uploads in uploader streaming performance upload sftp fuse reliability newcaps new enhancement major
#1338 reduce CLI startup overhead by importing less performance extensibility packaging assigned daira defect major
#1352 zsh (and maybe other shells) completion shell completion usability performance new enhancement major
#1354 compression (e.g. to efficiently store sparse files) compression space-efficiency performance new enhancement major
#1394 upload should not wait for all servers to respond performance upload immutable availability servers-of-happiness new kevan defect major
#1406 performance measurement automation and visualization performance statistics new somebody enhancement major
#1434 DYHB requests misrendered in download visualization aesthetics usability transparency download wui statistics performance unfinished-business new warner defect major
#1456 High latency for 'tahoe get' if 'tahoe put' in parallel download upload latency performance gateway vm kvm vpn trickle new T_X defect major
#1496 make SFTP frontend handle updates to MDMFs without downloading and uploading the entire file sftp performance mdmf assigned davidsarah defect major
#1497 update docs/performance.rst to explain the performance of MDMFs docs performance new defect major
#1500 test_mutable.Update takes too long to run test performance mutable new defect major
#1513 memory usage in MDMF publish mutable mdmf memory-leak performance docs new defect major
#1530 automated comparative 'k' performance tests and graphs performance statistics visualization new warner task major
#1545 add readv() API to immutable-share storage-server protocol, use in downloader performance assigned davidsarah enhancement major
#1696 attempting more than four simultaneous put uploads seems to break client integrity preservation reliability scalability error new somebody defect major
#2409 tolerate simultaneous uploads better upload usability performance immutable reliability new defect major
#1182 clean up and improve asymptotic complexity of Spans and DataSpans performance cleanup unfinished-business immutable download assigned zooko defect normal
#1228 backupdb and ext4 i_version/generation xattributes performance new warner enhancement normal
#1340 consider share-at-a-time uploader upload usability performance memory availability preservation new enhancement normal
#1375 the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable usability docs easy performance ostrom upload download statistics wui new tarcieri defect normal
#1393 more detailed breakdown of upload 'Peer Selection' time performance statistics timing upload new somebody defect normal
#1408 accounting using bitcoins bitcoin accounting performance leases security new somebody defect normal
#1508 shortcut encryption and erasure coding when a file has already been uploaded immutable upload performance convergence new enhancement normal
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