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#943 "tahoe mv" deleted my files? tahoe-mv usability preservation sftp ftpd new daira defect critical
#512 FTP frontend needs tests ftpd test assigned davidsarah defect major
#682 FTP frontend should support Unicode filenames encoded as UTF-8 i18n unicode ftpd names twisted assigned francois defect major
#958 LAFS 301 Moved Permanently forward-compatibility backward-compatibility integrity newcaps newurls http sftp ftpd smb availability security revocation rollback research new enhancement major
#1697 there is no test covering password-checking for SFTP or FTP tests sftp ftpd password security assigned daira defect major
#1965 FTP/SFTP: report malformed cap at login instead of use-time ftpd sftp usability error new enhancement normal
#2097 deprecate FTP in favor of SFTP? ftpd sftp forward-compatibility new daira defect normal
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