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#2222 make a FAQ describing the impact of heartbleed on Tahoe-LAFS assigned marlowe defect critical soon
#3604 Develop Roadmap new enhancement critical Contributor Experience
#787 Refine use case documentation for non-technical audiences. new nejucomo enhancement major undecided
#865 Document current crypto and encoding in detail new ioerror task major eventually
#966 document munin plugins and make them discoverable new freestorm defect major soon
#1024 introductory docs are confusing and off-putting new YashNRam defect major User Documentation Goals
#1046 add note to performance.txt about expected memory usage new nobody enhancement major soon
#1082 default servers-of-happiness=7 prevents single-server use case from working "out of the box" new somebody defect major soon
#1169 update documentation for the download status page new warner defect major soon
#1199 document known scaling issues new warner enhancement major eventually
#1353 make the FUSE interface be a supported, first-class feature new somebody enhancement major undecided
#1374 "walk through" or guide for people who want to read some code new nobody enhancement major undecided
#1439 add docs/tests.rst documenting how to run tests and how to interpret the output new somebody task major eventually
#1659 setuptools/easy_install/pip-installed package lacks documentation new nejucomo defect major undecided
#3724 Tahoe-LAFS logo and branding assets new anxhelo task major New Landing Page and Asset Management
#3725 Brand trademarking for Tahoe-LAFS new anxhelo enhancement major New Landing Page and Asset Management
#1522 our use of the term "bucket" is ambiguous new somebody defect normal undecided
#1563 webapi.rst should have a Change Log section new somebody defect normal undecided
#1663 Add a concise table of the URL tree to webapi.rst. assigned marlowe enhancement normal undecided
#1715 change all docs and generated URLs to point to "/cap" instead of "/uri" assigned davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1879 Glossary document assigned marlowe enhancement normal undecided
#1884 mention symlinking the shares directory in configuration.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#1905 add diagram of current tahoe-lafs protocol assigned davidsarah enhancement normal soon
#1929 express documentation for web-API operations in terms of "rooted paths" assigned marlowe defect normal soon
#2050 Expand HowToWriteTests to packaging and distribution tests new defect normal undecided
#2095 sftp - unable to recognise password in private/accounts assigned daira defect normal soon
#2127 Disambiguate "client" and "gateway" occurrences in Tahoe-LAFS docs assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2226 add doc about literal caps in performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2228 add directory operations to performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case assigned daira enhancement normal undecided
#2257 issues on Ubuntu with the installation command used in the Linux howto video at 0:08 new JGillispie defect normal undecided
#2258 Tahoe-lafs How-to Linux Video Comments - Put vs backup new JGillispie defect normal undecided
#2259 Linux How to video comments Get vs CP new Cyberaxe defect normal undecided
#2261 Linux video how to - doesn't show restore/recovery - no info on Aliases new daira defect normal soon
#2262 Review, New draft video for Windows Tahoe-Lafs download, install and usage new JGillispie task normal undecided
#2345 Increase Public Awareness of Tahoe-LAFS new nobody task normal soon
#2419 add documentation for use of Tahoe with Docker new amontero task normal soon
#2507 consider whether to use @inlineCallbacks (in tests or more generally) assigned daira task normal undecided
#2730 Added Missing TWN Issues to HTML assigned marlowe task normal undecided
#2785 docs concept: task / things-to-learn / things-to-do new marlowe task normal undecided
#2852 move NEWS.rst into docs/, add to readthedocs build new task normal soon
#3559 Mention code of conduct in contributors guide new defect normal undecided
#3636 Re-organize Tahoe-LAFS manual's table of contents assigned sajith enhancement normal Contributor Experience
#3639 Add a section in the manual about updating the manual assigned sajith defect normal Contributor Experience
#3750 Improve Developer Onboarding on README new fenn-cs enhancement normal soon
#3796 Add a Style Guide for Tahoe-LAFS documentation new YashNRam task normal User Documentation Goals
#3894 There should be a discoverable development roadmap new enhancement normal undecided
#879 Random-access download leaks information new somebody defect minor undecided
#1133 don't claim to provide better semantics of timestamps than Python claims to provide new somebody defect minor undecided
#1468 mutable.rst and mut.svg contain some dated or confusing terminology and use different names new zancas defect minor undecided
#1782 move docs/proposed to the wiki assigned marlowe enhancement minor soon
#2012 Translate accounting-overview.txt to rst format. new marlowe defect minor soon
#2301 The term "filesystem" is too overloaded. new Zancas defect minor undecided
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