pycryptopp is a set of Python interfaces to a few good crypto algorithms.

Please see the README for details.


To post new tickets, comment on existing tickets, or edit the wiki, you can use username="guest", password="guest". Of course, if you create your own account and register an email address, then you can do those things under your own account name instead of "guest".


pycryptopp! It's all the Python bindings for crypto algorithms that you could ever want! [*]

source code on github

git clone

or visit

direct download link:

github vs. trac

Please use to submit pull requests, but use this trac for issue tracking.

mailing list

Please use the tahoe-dev mailing list for questions or suggestions about pycryptopp.

navigating this web site

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.


[*] Provided that all you ever wanted was AES, XSalsa20, and Ed25519 signatures.

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