[tahoe-dev] Surely M$ can patent this process?

Gary Sumner garysu at seventh-symbol.net
Sat Jan 26 20:44:27 PST 2008

I was researching on the weekend and came across Tahoe.very exciting and
can't wait to delve in and understand more in detail. 


I was reading over Plank's work around erasure encoding and that lead me to
Tahoe. One thing that I was really looking for was to be able to encrypt the
data before storing it  and so was very excited when I read your
architecture doc and it says "When a file is to be added to the grid, it is
first encrypted using a key that is derived from the hash of the file
itself." This seems perfectly logical and natural way to apply this
technique. However, researching also lead me to a patent M$ has been granted
on this exact process:


Encryption Systems and Methods for Identifying and Coalescing Identical
Objects Encrypted with Different Keys -


The encryption before storing is critical for my application. Surely there
must be prior art on this technique to refute this patent?





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